What Does Winter at Cedar Point Mean to Me?

Cedar Point Winter Chillout 2015 (6)

Read below to see what Cedar Point means to Coaster B-Rad:

Winter at Cedar Point means to me, a chance to notice the true beauty of a roller coaster in the bitter, chilly, cold wild. There’s nothing like checking out a roller coaster in the quiet of winter, covered with snow, and with nobody else around. It gives you a chance to notice the things that you never notice in a crowded park, such as how high Dragster really, how much your voice can echo in the Millennium Force station, or what the coaster looks like, without a train on it, all while being covered in snow!!!

Winter at Cedar Point gives you the chance to see what goes on behind the scenes. If you ask many of the full time staff at the Point, they will tell you that this time of the year is when you see the real action happen at the park! From ride relocations, new food stands, refurbishments around the park, new attractions being built, and so much more, something is ALWAYS going on at Cedar Point in the winter. This means that it’s picture time for me! I love taking pictures of all things Cedar Point during the season but the real fun is taking pictures of things I don’t normally get to see when given the chance to be there in the winter. I mean, how many people can say that they have been given the opportunity to walk around Cedar Point when it’s covered in snow to bask in all its wintery glory? It’s a sight to behold and really gives you a renewed appreciation for the park!

In conclusion, Cedar Point in the winter means to me, a fun filled, chilly time to appreciate new sights and sounds around the park that simply cannot be experienced any other time of the year! Appreciating the quiet sounds, the gorgeous snow covered roller coasters, seeing the insane amount of construction going on, and taking pictures of all of it while learning about what’s new for next season is what makes this time of year so special!


Who misses a certain water ride in this area? Are you excited for what will be there in 2017?


Look how majestic she is. You know she knows what’s in store for Mean Streak…



There’s something chilling about seeing that flipflop taunting us for summer…



It looks so peaceful…



Who knew the west could be this cold?



Rain, snow, sleet, or high winds, Millie is always watching…



Seeing Frontiertown in the winter makes it almost look like an abandoned town from the old wild west.



I wouldn’t want to be hanging this time of year!



The beautiful snowy landscape really brings out the beauty of Cedar Point’s first B&M roller coaster.



If GateKeeper is guarding the main gate during winter, this train is guarding the employee area .





I can almost hear the growl of the Rougarou as it seeks shelter from the bitter cold!

Cedar Point Winter Chillout 2015 (25)

Can I just ride the bus to the Point now please?!

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