The Best Days to Visit the Park

When you’re planning a trip to the world’s greatest amusement park, figuring out how to spend the minimum amount of time waiting with the maximum amount of fun is not an exact science.  Weather, holidays, weekends, coaster enthusiast events, park events, and so much more all play a large role. However, there are many precautions you can take to plan in order to have the most enjoyable day possible. One important thing you must always remember as Cedar Point’s Tony Clark puts it, “Any day at Cedar Point is better than a day at work,” rain or shine!

The following is a list of suggestions in our opinion, of the best days and times to visit the world’s greatest amusement park:

-Best Months to Visit

May– the earlier in the month, the better, before schools begin letting out

June– Visit early before it starts getting really hot outside

September– again, the earlier the better, especially before HalloWeekends begin

-Best Days to Visit

Media Day– If you are in a coasterclub such as CoasterCrew, you are able to ride the new rides of the season before anybody else again and again!

OSU Day– If you are currently attending or have graduated from Ohio State University, stop by the college or go online and purchase discounted tickets and ride with all the alumni on your special day before the park is opened to the general public!

Week After Opening Week– Avoid the first week as all the enthusiasts will be there to ride the new rides.

Sundays are the slowest weekend day except when the following Monday is a holiday

Friday evenings and Sundays during HalloWeekends

Sunday thru Thursday of the last week in August

Labor Day– contrary to popular belief, Labor Day is actually not too bad for a holiday.

Friday after Labor Day– This is the shortest day of the year at the park but the park is like a ghost town. You can easily ride one of the big coasters a good seven or more times in one hour. The lines are so short, if you are on a ride and nobody is waiting in the queue for your seat, the ride hosts will usually let you stay in your seat for almost seamless non-stop action and thrills!

ERT events with CoasterCrew

-Best Weather to Visit- Extremely cold days during Halloweekends and whenever rain is forecast for Sandusky and/or Cleveland

-Best Days to Avoid

Opening Day– especially when major new rides are opening for the first time

Warm days during October


Columbus Day