Outsmart the Crowds

Have you ever gone to Cedar Point on a busy day? Have you ever wondered how your friend said he got to ride everything that he wanted multiple times throughout the day? Did you know that you can ride everything you want and more without buying a Fast Lane pass? It can be done if you follow a few simple guidelines. Tour the park like we do to experience the least amount of waiting:

  • Before you even leave for the trip, be sure you have your cellphone, a Twitter account, and are following @TonyClarkCP. Tony works at the park and sometimes does tweetups throughout the day, asking you to meet him at a specific place in the park. Sometimes he tells you exactly where to meet him, other times he uses riddles. Meet him where he says and he gives away special Cedar Point coins, lineskippies (cut to the front of the line passes), and other great prizes!
  • If you are staying at a Cedar Point property such as Hotel Breakers or you have a Cedar Point season pass or Cedar Fair Platinum Pass, you get to go into the park one hour before the public. Utilize it.
  • Park in the back of the park in the Cedar Point Shores parking lot or park in the front lot and use the Beach Boardwalk to go to the park entrance gate near Magnum.
  • Go into the entrance near Magnum. Immediately and safely speed walk to Steel Vengeance in the back of the park by walking through the Gemini Midway. Steel Vengeance will have the longest line of the day because it is Cedar Point’s newest coaster and is currently only able to run one train so get in line for this coaster first.
  • Ride Maverick next which is very close to Steel Vengeance. It has a low capacity so it is best to get this coaster out of the way as it tends to have long lines all day.
  • Next speed walk through Frontier Trail and head for Millennium Force. By now, the park should be opened to the public (or already has been if you did not obtain early entry into the park). Grab a quick ride on Rougarou and then head toward Top Thrill Dragster by passing Iron Dragon and going down the Dragster Midway. Ride Top Thrill Dragster.
  • Keep going down the Dragster Midway and arrive right back to where you started. Hop on Magnum for a breathtaking view of the beach.
  • Keep going and head back through the Gemini Midway for a ride on Pipe Scream and Gemini. Be sure to ride both sides of Gemini if both sides are open.
  • Take a ride on Skyhawk near Maverick. If you have the time, try out both sides for two unique views.
  • By now, it should be close to lunch time or a little after. If you can stand it, do not eat at 12pm like the rest of the park is. Keep riding through 2pm and enjoy less wait times while everybody else is eating. By lunch time, most guests will begin filling up the back half of the park where you have been all morning enjoying little wait time on most of the rides.
  • Take a couple rides on Power Tower and experience the thrills of going both up and down.
  • Now would probably be a good time to eat if you have not done so yet.
  • Take a ride on Raptor and kick the sky.
  • Ride Blue Streak, Cedar Point’s oldest, still operating coaster.
  • Take a ride on MaXair near GateKeeper.
  • Ride Wicked Twister, the tallest twisted impulse coaster in the world.
  • Hop on the best WindSeeker in the company for more breathtaking views of beautiful Lake Erie and the sandy Cedar Point beach.
  • Go down the Midway headed toward Frontier Trail and take a quick ride or two on Iron Dragon.
  • Head back toward the Dragster Midway and ride Corkscrew, the first roller coaster to go upsidedown three times during one ride.
  • Be sure to ride GateKeeper on both the left and the right sides around 7pm. This is usually the best time no matter what day of the week to ride but definitely do not ride this ride right before the park closes. This seems to be everybody’s idea as it is near the front of the park when people are all headed toward their cars.
  • Grab a ride on Valravn and enjoy an amazing view of the park before being plummeted to the ground.
  • Congratulations! If you have navigated successfully and all the rides were open, you have ridden all the big coasters and a few of the best flat rides in the park as well! Now would be a good time to ride some of the other great rides in the park, hop on a water ride, or even enjoy one of Cedar Point’s award winning shows.
  • If shows are not your cup of tea, ride away while the rest of the park is enjoying a live show.
  • Fifteen minutes before the park closes, start heading to your favorite coaster and get in line! Once you are in line, you will still get to ride, even after the park closes for the night!

Hopefully these tips will allow you to have the best experience possible at the park. Keep in mind that not all rides are open all the time and can be down for weather or maintenance issues.