On and Off the Point Accommodations

Cedar Point offers so much world class entertainment, you might just need a place to rest after having so much fun. The Point has you covered with a variety of different places to stay, to fit any budget and any way you like to sleep, weather it involves a simple stay at a hotel, a view of the beach from a room rich in history, or camping in your own RV.

By staying at a Cedar Point owned property, you get discounted tickets of just $39 each and early entry into the park, one hour before the general public. There are a handful of rides open during this one hour of ERT (Extra Ride Time), they are GateKeeper, Ocean Motion, the Midway Carousel, Raptor, Iron Dragon, Millennium Force, Maverick, rides at Planet Snoopy, Pipe Scream and Lake Erie Eagles. That is a total of six coasters included in the deal!

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