Not only does Cedar Point have great rides, it has great food!  There are so many different places to eat at the park and outside the park.  Rather than trying to compile a list of all the places, along with menus, pictures, and prices, we think it best for you to visit our friends at CP Food Blog.


CP Food Blog has the most up to date information on all the eating venues at Cedar Point as well as some of the other Cedar Fair parks!  The information they have for all the different places to eat is incredible- from prices to complete menu listings.


CPfansite proudly teams up with CP Food Blog in a partnership. We provide pictures of new food items at the park from time to time along with menus and prices and in return, CP Food Blog gives us any information they come into contact with that does not pertain to food and also helps us around our website.  You will not find a better, more organized listing of amusement park food anywhere on the Internet.

Visit CP Food Blog’s Cedar Point Dining Guide for menus, operating hours, reviews, prices on food and more!


(Click HERE for the original Official 2015 Meal Plans list.  This list was what you could get at the beginning of the season in 2015 with the All Year and All Day Dining Plans. It is no longer valid.)


(Click HERE for the most up to date Official 2014 Meal Plans list.  This tells you what you could get with the All Year Dining and All Day Dining Plans in 2014.)