CPfansite Staff!

CPfansite is a group of friends who have an extremely strong passion for Cedar Point. Most of the team met each other at the park and through our affiliation with the Coaster Crew. The writers and contributors continue to make new friends at the park everyday as they look for new and exciting things to report on. CPfansite strives to give you the latest news, stories, videos, pics, tips, and tricks on the greatest amusement park in the world!


Coaster Crew President: Tim Holloran


Hey Guys! My name is Tim (the guy behind the podium), the President of The Coaster Crew!

I fell in love with coasters back in 2000 when I saw a news article in my newspaper advertising the Tallest and Fastest coaster in the world at the time, Millennium Force. I made the trip out to ride and ever since then,  I have been hooked on these giant adrenaline machines!

Currently I manage the day to day operations of The Coaster Crew. I am the guy that puts together your welcome packets when you join The Crew!  I also schedule and organize all our events across the country!  My goal is to make everyone feel special and assure an amazing day when you attend one of our events.  I am all about Friendship, Fellowship, and FUN!

You can find me at Cedar Point about once a month during the season spending my time at Maverick or the best show on the planet, Luminosity!  Feel free to add me on Facebook.

See you on The Gemini Midway!

General Manager: Brad Kilgore aka “Coaster B-Rad”


Hi everybody!  I am Brad (guy on the left), the general manager of CPfansite and proud member of our parent company and roller coaster club, Coaster Crew.  I have been going to Cedar Point since before I could talk and now go several times a week during the season.  I have such a strong passion for the park’s history, atmosphere, people, and rides of course!  My favorite roller coaster as a child was Magnum XL-200 and now my favorite ride is Millennium Force, which I have ridden almost 5,000 times!

I have so many friends that I have met at the park, both employees and guests and they are all like family to me.

When I am not at the park and not working, I am probably riding roller coasters at another park.  I frequent Kings Island as well and helped out on our sister site KIfansite, which is now a part of CPfansite. I also help out with the Facebook page Club Millieholic, which is run by my friends Jenny and Jordan. This page is dedicated to my favorite roller coaster of all time, Millennium Force.

During the off-season, I do lots of work on the website and enjoy my other hobby, Nintendo. I am a big-time collector and gamer of anything and everything that has to do with Nintendo. I am also a proud husband and father of two boys.

Feel free to add me on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.  I am always looking to meet new friends!

If you see me on the midways, say hi!  I love meeting new people and new ride buddies!

Assistant Manager: Jenny Fiedler aka “#SelfieQueen”

photo 2

Hi everyone! My name is Jenny! I have been a Cedar Fair Platinum Passholder since 2012. I go to Cedar Point at least once a week during the summer and pretty much every other weekend during HalloWeekends. My favorite roller coaster is Millennium Force of course of course, but I do enjoy riding the other roller coasters too! In addition, I am a member of Great Ohio Coaster Club and Coaster Crew, so I go to a lot of roller coaster events. So far, I have ridden a total of 130 different roller coasters!

As far as school, I am currently a sophomore at the University of Toledo. My major is Biology and I am in a special 3+4 dental program with Case Western Reserve University. My long-term goal is to become an orthodontist.

In addition to working for CPfansite, I also run two other Facebook pages. One is called Roller Coaster 411, which is for information about amusement parks and roller coasters everywhere. The other page is Club Millieholic, which is dedicated to Millennium Force fanatics. In addition, I help out with HauntTour, which is a website dedicated to Halloween haunts. Feel free to check out these awesome pages and website and like them.

Cedar Point is definitely my favorite amusement park! I love just being there even if the park is busy. I also have so many coaster friends that go to the park. I see someone I know almost every time I’m there. I enjoy meeting new people as well, so if you ever see me in the park, feel free to come say hi and talk to me!

General Video Editing Manager: Jarred Bour-Jones aka “Coaster Master”


Hi everybody!  I am Jarred, an editor of CPfansite and a member of Coaster Crew! I have been going to the park my whole life and after getting a pass in 2010 I go about once a week.  It’s more than just the rides that interest me.  I love seeing things change and everything that goes on to keep the park running.  There are too many great rides at the park so I can’t just have a favorite!  Some of my favorite rides include Top Thrill Dragster, Magnum XL-200, Maverick, Power Tower, and Thunder Canyon.

I never really got to know many people at the park until these last few years and now I have so many friends from coaster enthusiasts, employees, and fans of the park that live far away!

I am currently a Senior in High School leaving some of my summer free to visit the park and my friends!

I really enjoy photography and videography, especially at Cedar Point and I make my own videos of some of my favorite times at the park!

If you see me at Cedar Point, come say hi!  I would love to meet you!

See you at the Point!

Fantributor: Alex Gillman


Hey everyone! I am Alex (the second guy from the left), and I’m part of many different coaster clubs! I really started to become interested in roller coasters in 2013, when I got my first Platinum Pass. I live in Michigan and try to visit the park many times a month! Mean Streak, Rougarou, and Millennium Force are some of my favorite rides in the park! I love many different parts of the park, I frequently visit the petting farm, the beach, and Hotel Breakers! If you see me on the midway, stop and say hello! I love meeting new people!

Pictributor: Andrew Borgen


Andrew is a Cedar Fair Platinum Passholder who belongs to several coaster clubs. He enjoys going to different amusement parks and taking loads of pictures. He is currently a junior at Kent State University and is studying Advertising. Andrew is obsessed with Pepsi and Quaker Steak and Lube. The arrival of Quaker Steak at Cedar Point has him very excited! His favorite roller coaster at Cedar Point is Millennium Force and his favorite roller coaster overall is Leviathan. He also runs his own website called CP Guide.

Check out his photos on Flickr.

CPfansite Founder: Christopher Hughes


Hey everyone!  My name is Christopher and I am on the staff here at CPfansite. I helped get the groundwork going for the site’s debut and am happy that Brad is in place now to continue bringing great things to this site. I have been a staff member with Coaster Crew for just under 3 years.

I am from the Columbus area, so I’m practically ½ way between Cedar Point and Kings Island. My main focus with Coaster Crew is consulting fansite staff throughout the Coaster Crew network and coordinating discounts for Coaster Crew members but I still have a passion for Cedar Point.

I fell in love with roller coasters at a very young age and have loved them since I was little. My first trip to Cedar Point was a school trip and fortunately I only rode 3 coasters that day (it really got my hooked on my favorite), Millennium Force, Raptor and Mantis. Millennium Force was my absolute favorite and I rode it several times that day. Since then, I worked at Kings Island in 2010 as a ride operator and have visited Cedar Point more times than I can count.

When I’m not at Cedar Point or another park, I am either working or hanging out with my nephew. When I am at Cedar Point you can find me either at Cedar Downs, WindSeeker, on the main midway or catching a show such as Luminosity!

Feel free to add me on Facebook! See you on the midways!