New for 2016!

Please note this is a rough draft and will be consistently updated as we learn more about the 2016 season!

  • Valravn dive coaster
  • Valravn’s exit will feature a gift shop similar to GateKeeper’s
  • New Blue Streak Midway that connects to the Main Midway near Luminosity
  • New Marina Park Entrance Gate
  • More outdoor seating for Chickie’s and Pete’s
  • All Season Unlimited Drinks cup
  • 2016’s CoasterMania! features the return of the cruise on Jet Express around the peninsula
  • 2016’s CoasterMania! will feature a new social media contest
  • CoasterMania! will have limited availability this year and will have a charge
  • Top Thrill Dragster has been repainted
  • Raptor has been repainted
  • Chick Fil-A will no longer be offered and will be replaced by another restaurant
  • FunPix- Unlimited pictures on roller coasters and throughout the park for one day or for the season, depending on what you purchase
  • Early Entry features a changed lineup
  • The Dining Plan will feature some new offerings and will remove some older ones

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