New for 2015


  • There will be a discount for season Passholders on FastLane Plus. With your season pass, you will be able to get FastLane Plus for the price of regular FastLane!
  • Turnpike Cars (The cars that were on the Blue Streak Midway near Calypso have been removed.
  • Calypso has been removed from the Blue Streak Midway and will be relocated to the left of Giant Wheel. It will be re-themed and renamed “Tiki Twirl.”
  • The left most section of what used to be known as the “Earthquake” ride and is currently a storage location will become a new candy shop called “Sweet Spot.” Sweet Spot will feature park made fudge, candy apples, and other Sweet treats!
  • The Gazebo food stand on the Wicked Twister Midway has been removed.
  • Krazy Kars will be moving where the Gazebo food stand was formerly located and will be renamed,” Joe Cool’s Dodgem School.”
  • Dodgem has been relocated from it’s original location to the former spots of Sir Rub a Dub’s Tubs and Krazy Kars.
  • With Good Time Theatre gone, the park will feature more live entertainment throughout the park to make up for the loss of the ice show. More will be announced at a later date.
  • Hotel Breakers is getting two fire pits, one on each side of the entrance on the lake side of the hotel.
  • Maverick will be getting brand new restraints that will be similar to the restraints on Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion. This will mean less head banging for some people and a more comfortable ride!
  • Heinz will replace Red Gold as the official condiment provider of Cedar Point
  • The TGI Friday’s near Castaway Bay will become a Quaker Steak & Lube restaurant in May 2015.
  • The Good Time Theatre will be demolished for future expansion in the park.
  • Hotel Breakers will have both interior and exterior renovations for a grand re-opening in 2015.  The rotunda in the historic breakers will feature a full-service Starbucks and Surf Lounge Bar!
  • The Coral Courtyard will get a complete makeover and become the Lakeside Pavilion.
  • The All Season Dining Plan on a Platinum Pass now works at all Cedar Fair parks!  You still get two meals a day but now they must be four hours or more apart.
  • Mantis will be squashed, meaning it will lose the stand-up trains, gain floorless trains, a new paintjob, new experiences, and a new name- Rougarou!
  • Cedar Point will be hosting a “First Riders Auction” in the spring for the @LJFamFoundation, most likely on Rougarou!

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