When To Visit

Best Months To Visit

May- Any operating day that is early in the month, before local schools start to close for Summer Break.

June- Early in the month to beat the heat, typically at the beginning of each week for lighter crowds.

August- Late in the month as local schools start to return to session.

Best Days to Visit

Media Day- If you are in a park approved Coaster Club such as Coaster Crew, you have the ability to RSVP when the park offers Media Day entry to experience the new ride.

Week after first full week of operation- This allows for the “newness” of the park being open again to fade away and many local schools are still in session. The crowds will typically be lighter.

Sundays- are the slowest weekend day except when the following Monday is a holiday

Friday evenings and Sundays during Halloween Haunt- Fridays will be typically be lighter (unless you’re planning on visiting closer to Halloween) due to High School Football Games and Sundays during Halloween Haunt are early closes so, most will stay away.

Sunday thru Thursday of the 2nd to last operating week in August- Schools typically are gearing up for the next school year, crowds will be lighter.

Labor Day– Contrary to popular belief, Labor Day is not a busy day for the park although it is a holiday. Honestly, it really depends on the weather.

ERT events with Coaster Crew- Any events with Coaster Crew at the park are packed with great lunches, ERT sessions and more!

The Last Weekend of Operation– For the 2014 season, Kings Island among other Cedar Fair parks are scheduled to be open the first weekend of November. In years past, when Kings Island stayed open the weekend following Halloween the park has been dead. You may even hear Christmas tunes!

Best Days to Avoid

Opening Day- Especially when there is a new roller coaster/attraction as crowds will flock to ride the new ride! In years past, opening day has been known to be hectic with park operations.

Saturdays- Most people have Saturday off and will bring their family to the park for a break in their hectic week.

Memorial Day- It is a Federal Holiday and most families will head to the park since they will have the day off.

July 4th- This day has seen record numbered attendance and is typically a hot day!

Warm Days In October Even though the park is only open on select days in October, if it’s warm on a Saturday for Halloween Haunt, your best bet is to avoid visiting the park.

October 31st- Halloween night at Halloween Haunt can get a little crazy with crowds!

Best Weather to Visit

When there is a slight chance for rain in the forecast in the Mason area.

Extremely cold days during Halloween Haunt