What To Bring

Most park guests do not realize that they have to plan what they need for a fun filled day at the Largest Amusement and Water Park in the Midwest! We suggest that guests think of anything they possibly could need/want throughout a full day at the park. We also suggest that guests are prepared for all types of weather conditions. Listed below is what we think will help with your packing list for your day at Kings Island!

Bring your admission/season passes/meal deals if you’ve purchased them online or at a local retailer. Bringing these will ensure you have paid for these items at a discounted rate.

Clothing make sure they are lightly colored so that the sun is not beating down on you when you wear dark clothing. Be sure that your clothing is not worn too loosely. Kings Island does have a dress code and guests are expected to follow it.

Food you may bring food with you, but bring a cooler, as outside food is not permitted in the park. You are able to leave it in your vehicle. Kings Island cannot be held responsible for stolen or eaten food left unattended. Alcohol is strictly prohibited on all park property (including the parking lot). Food needed for health reasons can be brought inside the park after you visit with Guest Relations. Guest Relations can provide more information if needed.

Ponytail holder if you have long hair. You will want to put your hair up if you are going to ride roller coasters.

Medicine for headaches or nausea. Bring aspirin, dramamine, or any other medicines needed throughout the day. If you experience side effects from motion sickness pills, stop a t a local drugstore beforehand to get a pair of seabeands. Seabands are two bands that go around your writs and supply a small amount of pressure to each wrist that will virtually eliminate drowsiness and motion sickness.

Sunscreen even when overcast is forecasted for the day. The sun will leave a lasting memory on your skin if you are exposed to the sun long without protection.

Sunglasses and/or a hat as you know, the sun is bright. You are able to wear these as you walk around the park, but on most rides they are not permitted. Sunglasses can be worn on rides provided you have a glasses strap.

Water Bottle if you dehydrate easily or do not want to pay for drinks you should bring a water bottle to stay hydrated.

Rain Poncho/Change of Clothes/Towel if rain is in the forecast or you wish to ride a water attraction.

Bathing Suit if you plan on visiting Soak City or riding water attractions. Please note, that bathing suits cannot be worn on attractions that are not water attractions. Guests must have pants/shorts and a shirt on to ride.

Wallet if you are planning on buying food or souvenirs. Neither are cheap. Also, if you are 21 and look under 30 years old, bring your ID if you plan on purchasing alcohol inside the park.

Ziploc Baggies to store your valuables if you plan on riding any water rides and do not want to purchase a locker. Remember to save money and ensure your valuables are safe, you can always get your hand stamped and take your items back to the car.

Cell Phone if you must connect to social media, texting or contacting someone while in the park. Bring an extra battery or charger if you must have your phone in the park. We can almost guarantee your battery will drain quickly when the park is extremely busy as your phone searches for perfect signal. You are able to rent lockers throughout the park that provide electricity that can charge your phone.

Drawstring Bag while we do not recommend bringing a ton of unnecessary items to the park, you need something to carry them in if you are in the park. Please note, loose articles are not allowed on rides, such as cell phones, keys, sunglasses, hats, mp3 players, etc. unless secured. We recommend getting a locker for these items while riding. If you absolutely have to keep these items on you, make sure they are completely secured until you leave the ride. Never pull out a loose article while the ride is in motion.

Feminine Hygiene Products if you are a female. It is better to be safe, than sorry.