Outsmarting the Crowds at Kings Island

Do you wonder how to get the most out of you day at Kings Island when it is busy? Have you wondered how people ride everything they want multiple times without getting a FastLane pass? There are ways you can do it!

  • Before you even leave for the trip, be sure you have your cellphone, a Twitter account, and are following @KingsIslandPR. Don Helbig, who works at the park will sometimes do Tweetups throughout the day asking you to meet him at a specific place in the park. Sometimes he tells you exactly where to meet him, other times he uses riddles. Meet him where he says and he gives away Banshee posters, Beast Tours, and other things!
  • If you have a Gold or Platinum Pass, you can visit the park each operating day a half hour before the park opens to the public.
  • Once the park opens for the day, immediately head to Firehawk. This ride is known to have extremely long waits throughout the day due to it’s loading/unloading procedures. Once you ride Firehawk, immediately get in line for Flight of Fear!  Flight of Fear is not available for FastLane or FastLane Plus so even if you have FastLane, Flight of Fear should be one of the first rides you ride!
  • Once you complete riding those two in the X-Base section of the park, head back into Coney Mall. Grab a ride on Adventure Express for a short wait and then grab a ride on both sides of The Racer!  When riding The Racer, sit in the middle row of the car to avoid feeling every movement of the wheels. If you plan on getting a ride on Xtreme Skyflyer or SlingShot, head over to purchase your tickets. Tickets will be cheaper earlier in the day, sometimes as low as $5. You do not have to ride right away, you can ride them whenever.
  • After picking up your Xtreme Skyflyer and/or SlingShot tickets, walk over to Vortex. If the queue is bearable head in to the queue house.  After you ride, you are in the perfect place to get in the queue for WindSeeker.
  • Once you have ridden Vortex and WindSeeker, grab a ride on Shake Rattle and Roll for some old time thrills.
  • Take a stroll up toward Rivertown and stop at Backlot Stunt Coaster if there is a minimum wait.
  • After riding, it should be about lunch time so keep walking up into Rivertown and stop at The Beast for a great 4 minute ride through the wooded terrain. When riding The Beast, sit in the middle row of the car to avoid feeling every movement of the wheels.
  • If time allows, before you need to grab lunch, head over to Diamondback to get a ride or two.
  • Again, if time allows and it is a bit warm out, jump on the Kings Island and Miami Valley Railroad to head over to Soak City to do a quick cool off or walk across the midway to Race For Your Life Charlie Brown.
  • While in the area, be sure to grab a ride on Surf’ Dog, Flying Ace Aerial Chase, and Woodstock Express for some quick and easy coaster credits!
  • Another way to cool off if needed is to head to International Street and hop on Boo Blasters of Boo Hill. This ride is air-conditioned and provides some nice relaxing time while shooting some guns at ghosts.
  • By now, you should be hungry and the peak lunch time should be over. If you did not pack a lunch to eat out at your car, hit up the Reds Hall of Fame Grille near Diamondback or the new Chicken Shack near Banshee for some great food! If you do decide to go to the Reds Hall of Fame Grille, you can leave your number and go enjoy more of the park while you wait if the wait is more than 15 minutes.
  • After eating lunch, jump on the Eiffel Tower to let your food settle in your stomach before hitting up more crazy thrills!
  • Once you finish looking at the park from up above, head on down to Action Zone. You can grab a ride on Delirium and catch an interesting view of Banshee.
  • Head over to Invertigo next. If the wait is not too long, head to one of the lines for the very ends of the train.
  • Afterwards, hit up Congo Falls for a cool off if it is hot out, or just stand on the bridge for a quick splash.
  • Next head to the queue for Drop Tower. Here you will be able to take in an incredible view of Banshee before plummeting back to earth!
  • By now, the line for Banshee should be about normal with park guests heading elsewhere in the park so go ahead and hop in line.
  • After Banshee, if the line is moving quickly, grab another ride!
  • Head toward The Bat next, but check to see if the line for Xtreme Skyflyer is not too long. If not, go ahead and redeem your ticket to grab a thrilling ride!
  • After plummeting toward earth yet again, head over to The Bat. This ride is great for those who are new to coasters and those who want to have a relaxing ride.
  • By now, you have been on all the major rides, so if you enjoy watching shows, check the show schedule and find one to enjoy! After the show it will probably be around dinner time for most. So, head over to a roller coaster that you want to experience yet again to avoid the dinner crowds.
  • After you take a few spins on a couple of roller coasters, head to dinner. After you eat it should be starting to get dark. Head to Diamondback for a quick ride, then as it gets darker, head over to The Beast.
  • After re-riding The Beast, head over to WindSeeker for a breathtaking early evening ride. You’ll enjoy the view of the park as it comes to life in the evening.
  • After riding WindSeeker head to the Banshee queue. Banshee will provide amazing night rides.
  • If you choose to make The Beast your last ride of the night, note that it shuts down for roughly 20-30 minutes before the park closes, due to the nightly firework show. Also note, if you’re in line before it shuts down, you will be able to ride.

Hopefully these tips will allow you to have the best experience at the park possible.  Keep in mind not all rides are open all the time and can be down for weather or maintenance issues.

If you have ways to Outsmarting The General Public send us a message on Facebook to have us add your tips!

See you on the midway!