Meal Deals

Kings Island offers Meal Deals, that allow guests to receive food/beverages for a discounted rate.

All Day Dining Plan

Guests will never go hungry if they purchase the All Day Dining Plan and they’ll save a bundle! Guests will be able to enjoy an entree and a side every time they stop in a participating restaurant (Listed Below) inside the park. Guests only have to wait 90 minutes between meals and visits are unlimited. However, they are for one person only.

Guests can purchase the All Day Dining Plan for $29.99
Single Meal Deal

The Single Meal Deal includes and entree, side and a regular fountain drink at participating restaurants (Listed Below) throughout the park.

Guests can purchase this deal online only for $12.99
Souvenir Sports Bottles

Guests can purchase a great money-saving option for their visits to the park. Guests can refill the Souvenir Sports Bottles for 99 cents all year. These do not include previous season or other Cedar Fair Park Souvenir Sports Bottles.

Guests can purchase this deal online for $9.99 or in the park for $12.99


Participating Locations In Meal Deals

Coconut Cove Cafe
Located in Soak City

Coney Skyline Chili
Located in Coney Mall

Festhaus (Excluding Panda Express)
Located in Oktoberfest

Hank’s Burrito Shack
Located in Oktoberfest

International Street Skyline Chili
Located on International Street

Juke Box Diner
Located in Coney Mall

Planet Snoopy Grill
Located in Planet Snoopy

Rivertown Pizza
Located in Rivertown

Street Pizza
Located on International Street

The Chicken Shack
Located in Action Zone