Welcome to KIfansite

I personally want to welcome you to one of the newest Fansites in the Coaster Crew Network: KIfansite! KIfansite has been in the works for sometime and it has finally come to fruition.

I am extremely happy to say that we are finally live! While this site is going to have a ton of content, we will still have content flowing through our Facebook Page and our Twitter Page. will bring you a wonderful coverage of news stories, behind the scene looks and some of the greatest happenings at Kings Island. will also bring you blogs which will provide insight into the park as well as an enthusiast view of the season. We will be looking for fans through the season to contribute to our blogs as Fantributors! Fantributors can help by assisting in write-ups, blogs, sharing pictures and more! Feel free to email me if you would be interested in assisting us,

Throughout the seasons we will bring live in-park updates that offer a view like no other.

Finally, we are excited that you have decided to check us out here at KIfansite, take a look around! We can’t wait to see you on the midways!

-Chris H.
KIfansite General Manager

Chris H