Backlot Stunt Coaster

Kings Island guests can experience what it’s like to be a stunt car driver as they race out onto the track and are transported into the stunt chase sequence.

Riders accelerate from 0 to 40 miles per hour as they rocket into a three-story parking garage in their stunt cars. The parking garage features two upward helix elements to mirror the ascension of a car in a parking garage. Riders then drop into a street lined with highway signs and police cars on trains tails! Riders then see a sign that says left lane must turn left, as the train flies upward into an 88 degree banked turn, thrusting the riders down into a dip and down a set of subway stairs. The train then passes a no entry sign as it comes to a halt in front of a black tunnel. Out of no-where a helicopter rises, shooting at the train with gunfire catching a few barrels on fire before a gas tank explodes.

Riders are then launched into the darkness, twisting and dropping before flying out of the broken billboard. The train then turns into the ride’s station.

About Brad

Brad is the General Manager of CPfansite and a proud member of our parent company Coaster Crew. He enjoys sharing his love of Cedar Point with everybody. Brad hopes to see you 300 feet in the air on Millennium Force!
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