Joe Cools Dodgem School

Joe Cool’s Dodgem School

Youngsters enjoy this ride as they drive for the first time. Parents love watching their kids enjoy Joe Cool’s Dodgem School as bumps bring out laughter, smiles and pure fun! Young guests love Joe Cool’s Dodgem School because they are able to sit behind the wheel on this mini bumper car adventure.

Some riders get a little surprised when they get an unexpected bump, while some riders have a smile put on their face as they bump others. Joe Cool’s Dodgem School is one of the most popular rides in Planet Snoopy among it’s guests. Parents have the opportunity to snap photos as their children smile, laugh and drive for the first time.

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Brad is the General Manager of CPfansite and a proud member of our parent company Coaster Crew. He enjoys sharing his love of Cedar Point with everybody. Brad hopes to see you 300 feet in the air on Millennium Force!
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