Dinosaurs Alive KI

Dinosaurs Alive

At Kings Island guests can take a step back in time to over a million years ago and experience the world of Dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs Alive! at Kings Island spans over 12.5 acres in a Jurassic forest setting that features 60 life-sized dinosaurs which include over 50 of them that are animatronic models. Four dinosaurs have interactive consoles that allow guests to control some movement of the dinosaurs to see how scientists project the dinosaurs moved their tails, mouths, arms and eyes.

Dinosaurs Alive! also features a kid’s paleontological dig interactive site, where it’s visitors can uncover prehistoric fossils . Dinosaurs Alive! does have a 1,500 square-foot dinosaur-themed gift shop at the exit.

Dinosaurs Alive! is not included with park admission and it does cost an additional $5 per visitor.