Former Rides and Where To Ride Them Now


Are there any rides you remember being at the park that are no longer there?  We are going on a mission to track down any remaining former Cedar Point rides and finding them out in the wild at other parks!

  • Jumbo Jet– A Steel coaster introduced in 1972 that lasted thru 1978.  It operated where GateKeeper stands today.  It was replaced by WildCat.  It had high ridership with over 1.6 million riders each season.  It has went back and forth between parks and now stands operating today at the Russian theme park Dreamland in Minsk, Belarus.  Unfortunately, we have not had the chance to travel to Minsk to ride this classic coaster so here is a picture from the official Dreamland website:
  • Demon Drop– A freefall ride manufactured by Intamin that was debuted in 1983.  It was located near the front of the park where Ocean Motion is now located.  At the end of the 2009 season, Demon Drop was dismantled and Cedar Fair announced it would be relocated to Knott’s Berry Farm.  Cedar Fair later decided it would be better for Dorney Park so Demon Drop was relocated and opened at Dorney Park for the 2010 season on July 2.  Demon Drop still operates today.  The park sells Demon Drop Recycle shirts to commemorate that Dorney recycles rides.
  • 20140715_114108 20140715_113601
  • Frontier Carousel– An old indoor Dentzel wooden carousel from 1921.  It came to Cedar Point in 1972 from Michigan and operated at the park thru the 1994 season.  In 1995 it opened up at Dorney Park as an outside carousel.  The building for the carousel still stands at Cedar Point to this day and is used for the haunt Eternity Infirmary during Halloweekends.
  • carosel
  • Dodgem– Thru 2001, Cedar Point had both a Dodgem I and Dodgem II.  At the end of the 2001 season, Dodgem I was removed, Dodgem II was renamed to Dodgem and Dodgem I was sent to Michigan’s Adventure and resurrected there for the 2002 season.  You can still experience Dodgem at Michigan’s Adventure.



  • Swan Boats- Introduced at the Point in 1997 and lasted thru the 2003 season.  The Swan Boats were located where Maverick’s turnaround is now.  They reopened at Michigan’s Adventure in the 2004 season and remain there operational to this day.

Swan Boats