Disaster Transport

When Avalanche Run opened in 1985, guests were able to travel by bobsled to Alaska. This coaster was unique compared to other bobsled coasters because each train contained a single car with five rows of two seats. Normal bobsled coasters contain many cars attached to one another with awkward seating. The ride was originally built as an outdoor coaster, but was later converted to an indoor coaster in 1990 by ITEC. The indoor coaster was named Disaster Transport and was given a space theming. The story behind the theming was that passengers on the trains were delivering cargo to Alaska from outer space. The queue contained three rooms: Rocket Recovery, Mission Control, and Repair Bay. Each room had special effects, such as screen projections, lasers, mist, recordings, and robotics.

Once guests got up to the platform, the station was all lit up with different lights. The ride started out with a very slow lift hill with flashing lights on the sides of it. Once the train reached the top, the ride got very dark and suddenly dropped down a hill and made a right turn. Bobsled coasters are different than normal coasters because their wheels do not always connect to the track, which moves the train side to side as it cuts around corners. This makes the ride experience more exciting. The ride included several helix elements and then finally came back to the station. Riders exited at a different station than they got on.

Over the years, the theming to the ride deteriorated and the ride itself started having issues. Finally, Cedar Point announced on July 13, 2012 that Disaster Transport would close forever on July 29, 2012. Instead of just closing the ride on the 29th and not allowing enthusiasts to say their goodbyes, Cedar Point teamed up with Give Kids the World and held an event called Disaster Transport Final Dispatch. This event was held on the evening of the 29th and was open to anyone who could raise money for Give Kids the World. The people that raised money got a t-shirt, a piece of the sign, a certificate for raising money, and the ability to ride Disaster Transport for an hour straight, sometimes without getting off. There was even a huge farewell banner that everyone at the event got to sign. The top fifty fundraisers got to take their last ride with the lights on. The final train arrived back in the station at 11:53pm that night and Disaster Transport closed for good.

Disaster Transport will always be remembered for being a perfect ride for a family while also thrilling. It was even great on a hot day, since it was air conditioned. Many people miss this ride and it will never be forgotten.

Fun Facts About Disaster Transport:

  • In 1985 it was known as Avalanche Run and was completely outdoors
  • 12 E on the front of the building stood for Eric’s 12th coaster from ITEC

Official Disaster Transport POV:


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