Cedar Point History

Please Note: This timeline of Cedar Point History is not 100% completed as we find out new information often. If you find any history out about Cedar Point, please let us know if you don’t see it below! Thanks!


  • Cedar Point’s 1st season.
  • First use of Cedar Point as a bathing house.
  • Beer garden built buy Louis Zistel that also included a bathhouse, a covered dance platform, refreshment stand, swings, see-saws and sliding boards.
  • First passengers arrived at Cedar Point Resort by a steam boat.


  • A group of bath houses were added near the beach.


  • The First Dance Hall was built with 45,000 square feet of floor space.
  • Cedar Point was leased by Benjamin F. Dwelle and William Slackford.
  • Picnic tables, walkways and other improvements were added to the area.
  • A Dock was built at Biemiller’s Cove area.
  • Eight Bath Houses were built.
  • Steam Boat “Lutts” services the Cedar Point Light House while “R.B. Hayes” services Biemiller’s Cove.
  • A new dock was added between Biemiller’s Cove and the lighthouse.


  • 16 bath houses were a part of the resort.



  • At the end of the season 4 local men announce great improvements to Cedar Point after Dewelle’s 5 year lease ended. Those four men were Adam J. Stoll, Jacob Kuebeler, B.F. Dwelle and Charles Baetz.


  • The Grand Pavilion opens with an auditorium, three 66 foot bowling alleys and dining facilities. D.L. Stine of Toledo was the Architect and A.G. Fettle of Sandusky was the builder.
  • New clearings are made and stagnant pools are filled up.
  • A band stand was added in front of the Grand Pavilion for the Great Western Band.
  • Steam Boat “I.M. Weston” was chartered.


  • Cedar Point became leased to a company of five gentlemen, including Mr. Dwelle.
  • The lease included having a building placed on the father shore to combine all the features of amusement and entertainment, the old pathway was to be replaced by a plank walk that is 12 feet wide and grounds were to be cleared and beautified.
  • The company expected to make $20,000 the coming season.
  • A ladies pavilion opened and provided refreshments suitable for ladies and children.
  • Brush Electric Dynamo power plant was installed. It operated 20 arc lamps, frozen ice cream, crushed ice and did other chores.



  • A water toboggan was built so guests could slide down a ramp into the lake.


  • The first electricity was added to Cedar Point.
  • The Steam Boat “A.J. Wehrle, Jr.” began service.


  • The Switchback Railway, Cedar Point’s first roller coaster opened.


  • Additions were made to the beach including a pony track, diving platform, water toboggan, horizontal bars, water trapeze and bicycle boats.


  • Cedar Point was sold to the Cedar Point Pleasure Resort Company, headed by G.A. Boeckling for a total of $256,000. Dwelle, A.j. Stoll, Louis Adolph were the five original holders while Stoll and Adolph appeared to be the owners of the peninsula.


  • The first Cedar Point hotel was built, the Bay Shore Hotel.


  • The Kinodrome opened.


  • The White House hotel was built and designed by architect Oliver W. Marble.
  • The Bay Shore Hotel becomes a house for boarding.



  • The Three-Way Figure Eight Roller Toboggan opens.
  • Pony Tracks opens.


  • A 1,200-seat Opera House opened.
  • The White House hotel is expanded.
  • Ohio State University’s lake laboratory is built for studies of insects and aquatic life toward the north end of Biemiller’s Cove.


  • Crystal Rock Castle opened.
  • The Sea Swings opened.
  • Use of the Cedar Point Lighthouse is discontinued.
  • The Bay Dock is covered and lighted.
  • The Dance hall had landscapes painted on the walls by Mathew Armbruster.
  • The dining hall’s capacity grew to 1,000.
  • A contract was made for $25,450 to Detroit Dredging Company. The contract would pursue digging 4 miles of lagoons, 10 feet deep and 60 to 150 feet wide. The lagoons would permit boating facilities for patrons, a convenient method for hauling supplies throughout the peninsula and elimination of a swamp that would reduce the insect hazards.
  • The attractions this year were: Trip to Rockaway, House of Mirth, Chateau Alphonse, Auto Tour, Circle Swing, Electric Theatre, Illustrated Song Exhibition, Figure Eight Roller Toboggan, Merry-Go-Round, Miniature Railway, 12 Bowling Alleys, Boxball Game, Penny Arcade, Shooting Gallery and a Skating Rink.


  • Hotel Breakers opened with 600 rooms on June the 12th. The rates ranged from $1 a day to $10 a week.
  • Dredging of the lagoons began.
  • The Boardwalk expanded
  • Crystal Rock Palace built to serve food and beverages.
  • The movie, “The Great Train Robbery” played during the season at the Cedar Point Theatre.
  • A building was constructed to house the offices of Cedar Point Pleasure Resort Company.


  • The Coliseum opened featuring a rathskeller on the first floor and a 45,000 sq foot ballroom on the second floor. More than 10,000 people could assemble under it’s roof.
  • A new electric plant was built to provide power for 1 million eight-candle power lamps.
  • The Steam Boat “New York” was purchased by Cedar Point.
  • The Amusement Circle opened featuring the Circle Swing, Chateau Alphonse, Auto Tour, House of Mirth, Cascades, Box Ball, Shooting Gallery, A Trip to Rockaway, a skating rink, fortunetellers and the miniature railway.
  • Over 1 million guests visited Cedar Point this season.


  • A new dock opened allowing larger ships to come directly to Cedar Point without stopping in Sandusky.
  • The United States Post Office Opened.
  • The Steam Boat “Eastland” arrived.
  • Cedar Point began steamship service from the park to Cleveland.
  • This was the final season for the skating rink.
  • There were accommodations for 50,000 people daily.
  • The Breaker’s Annex opened immediately adjoining the Breakers Hotel. It contained nearly 100 nicely furnished rooms.
  • The Historical Museum was noted to be an attraction at this point as well as a 3 mile boat ride and souvenir booths.



  • The Scenic Railway opened.
  • Regular steamship service from Detroit and Toledo to Cedar Point was added.
  • The engines of the Steam Boat “New York” were removed and placed in the new Steam Boat, “G.A. Boeckling.”
  • Mundy’s Trained Wild Animal Show opened.
  • A few new attractions were added this year like Saddle Horses for ladies, Egyptian Palmistry, Lap Rolling Ball, Wave-the-Wave, Roller Charis, World in Wax, Infant Incubator, Southern Plantation and the House of Illusions.



  • This was the Inaugural year for the G.A. Boeckling steam boat. It arrived on June 27th and was christened on the 28th by Lucile Dehnel.


  • Glen Curtiss set a world record for the Longest Over-Water Flight, he flew from Euclid Beach to Cedar Point.
  • Boeckling acquired controlling interest of Cedar Point.
  • A new bath house opened as the largest of it’s kind in the world.
  • The Figure-Eight Roller Toboggan was moved and rebuilt. It was rebranded as the Racer.


  • Cedar Point announced that a roadway would be built to the resort where it could connect with the main arteries from the Sandusky area.


  • Leap the Dips Scenic Railway opened at the current site of Blue Streak.


  • G.A. Boeckling announced that a large AC generator would be built to extend lighting along the Cedar Point Chaussee, the first road to Cedar Point.
  • The Cedar Point water tower was built.


  • The White House hotel was renovated and reopened as Cedars Hotel.


  • Leaving from Cedar Point with a big crowd aboard, the G.A. Boeckling hit the north end of the pier. It was quickly forgot about.


  • The Scenic Railway was rebuilt and renamed the Leap Frog Railway.
  • The Crystal Rock Palace was no longer used for food and drink due to prohibition laws.


  • Eden Musee opened.


  • The entrance and a portion of the Cedar Point Chausee battered by storms were relocated two miles west.


  • An industrial exhibit of Sandusky-made products were arranged at the Crystal Rock Palace.


  • A mile-long cement pathway was laid from the center of the park to the Cleveland boat docks. Auto-trains were used to carry passengers to the park as well as the “street car” boats through the lagoons. This continued until the steamer service ended.


  • The first Kiddieland opened.
  • The Caterpillar opened.
  • A tornado destroyed the Cedar Point boat dock in downtown Sandusky.
  • A 500 car garage was built within the Racer roller coaster.
  • Construction of the Bon Air addition of 160 rooms to the Breakers Hotel had begun.


  • The Bon Air wing of the Breakers Hotel opened.
  • Hellen Keller spoke to the Lions Club at Cedar Point.
  • Noah’s Ark opened.


  • Talking pictures were shown at the park beginning this year.
  • Cleminshaw Company of Cleveland appraised the park to $2,757,550.


  • This was the final year for the Racer.
  • Plans were made to build a causeway over the bay to Sandusky.


  • The Cyclone roller coaster opened.
  • Legislation was approved for the causeway and property was acquired. Finances halted the project until later.
  • The resort announced that it would spend about $1 million on the resort and Convention Center with half of it being spend before the opening of the 1930 season and the rest was spent during the season.


  • G.A. Boeckling passed away at the age of 69 on July 24th.


  • Leap Frog was rebuilt and renamed High Frolics.
  • Tumble Bug opened.


  • This was the final season for Leap The Dips Scenic railway.
  • Tavern Terrace, an outdoor stage opened. It provided entertainment from bands and offered cocktails.


  • The 2nd floor of the Coliseum was renovated into Art Deco ballroom.
  • This was the final season for High Frolics.
  • The dance floor and skating rink of the Coliseum was converted to a Ballroom and refreshment service was added.


  • The Yankee Bullet Opened (Date that it operated until has not been found).


  • The Berardi family opened their first french fried potato stand.


  • The Flying Skooters opened.


  • The Midway Carousel (Muller) opened.
  • Moon Rocket opened.



  • A bronze plaque was placed on the beach, dedicated to the memory of the 1910 Curtiss flight.


  • Cedar Point was leased to Torrence C. Melrose for 10 years.
  • Cedar Point opened for the 80th season on June 16th.
  • The first road to the Hotel Breakers main entrance opened. The roadway made it possible for guests to drive right up to the hotel where a porter would handle the baggage and a runner parked the car.


  • Melrose conveyed interest in Cedar Point to D. M. Schneider.
  • The G. A. Boeckling steam boat had it’s final run on September 3rd.



  • 10 new rides in Kiddieland open.
  • This was the final season for the Cyclone.
  • The regular steam boat service between Sandusky and Cedar Point was discontinued. The Steam Boat “G.A. Boeckling” was placed out of service, sold and removed to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin where it became a warehouse.



  • Fascination opened.


  • The controlling interest of Cedar Point from Boeckling went to a syndicate headed by George A. Roose and Emile A. Legros of Cleveland. They announced plans for the peninsula to turn into a housing development. A storm of public protest swept across Ohio.
  • The State proposed acquiring Cedar Point and turning into a state park. The City of Sandusky opposed the idea as it would end the possibility of a resort.


  • Boeckling’s options were contested by 3 heirs. The Erie County Common Please court approved the options. The owneres assured the public that they would undertake a vast redevelopment to restore Cedar Point to the previous status of a Showplace of America.
  • The Cedar Point Causeway opened.


  • Cadillac Cars opened. The cars are replicas of the 1910 Cadillac.
  • Roose and Legros abandoned plans for a housing development and focused on turning Cedar Point to the Disneyland of the Midwest.


  • The Causeway was linked to State Route 2 by a new access road.
  • The Roose management negotiated termination of the original 10 year lease.
  • Wild Mouse opened.
  • Turnpike Cars opened.
  • The Scrambler opened.
  • The Cedar Point Marina opened.
  • A monorail opened, that came from Summit Beach in Akron. It cost $125,000 to install. It was owned by Bob Burse who had the Satellite Jets and the Flying Coaster.
  • The Million Dollar Marina opened.
  • A new bath house opened.
  • The Amusement section was redesigned while the midway was enlarged.
  • Hotel Breakers was redecorated and had 100 rooms refurnished while a new cocktail lounge on the hotel beach veranda was added. New front and rear entrances were added as well as a 190 seat restaurant.
  • This was the final season for Noah’s Ark.
  • The Amusement Midway included 57 rides and attractions.


  • Cedar Point celebrated it’s 90th season.
  • An announcement of $16 million of capital improvements was made.
  • The Cadillac Cars opened.
  • The Tiki Twirl opened.
  • Paving of the midway began this year.
  • A new cafeteria opened.
  • Hotel Breakers opened a newly renovated lobby.
  • 400 more rooms of Hotel Breakers were fully modernized.
  • A cocktail lounge, The Chart room, opened at the marina pier.
  • A repair center opened at the marina as well with additional dockage planned.




  • A million dollars was invested in new rides, midway, food, hotel rooms and personnel.
  • Cedar Classic Mini Golf opened.
  • The Rotor opened.
  • The Sky Ride Opened.
  • The Super Satellite Jets (Star Voyager) opened.
  • This was the final season for Wild Mouse.


  • The Western Cruise (Paddlewheel Excursion) opened.
  • The Sky Wheel opened.
  • Scamper opened.


  • The Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad opened. 370,000 guests rode it during it’s Inaugural year. One of 6 authentic steam locomotives carry 300 people at a time. The Locomotives are “Maud L.” Baldwin 1902, “Albert” Davenport 1911, “No. 22” Vulcan 1922, “Porter Bell” 1878, 2 vintage “Porters.”
  • Mill Race opened.
  • A giant fun house opened.


  • The Roller Coaster Blue Streak opened.
  • Calypso opens near the present day Ice Cream Parlor.
  • Cedar Point bought the steam engine, Jennie K.
  • This was the final season for the Rotor.


  • Cedar Point opened for it’s 95th season.
  • Over the past 10 years, Cedar Point invested $10 million into the park.
  • Jungle Larry’s Safari Island opened.
  • Space Spiral opened. The foundation consisted of 450 cubic yards of concrete.
  • Bay Construction became Cedar Point’s principle contractor.
  • San Francisco Earthquake opened.
  • Calypso was relocated to the area adjacent to Silver Dollar Cafe.
  • Cedar Point surpassed 2 million guests in attendance for the first time.


  • The Pirate Ride opened.
  • The Fun House Opened.
  • The Live Show Department is formed.
  • This was the final season for Eden Musse.
  • The Monorail saw it’s last season and was scrapped.
  • Cedar Gulch Stage Line stage coach ride opened.
  • A 6,000 lot was added.


  • Frontiertown opened this year with a new train station added. The station was added to transport guests to and from Frontiertown as the train was the only access to that part of the park.
  • Cedar Downs Derby Ride opened this year.
  • Sealand opened with eye-level windows for guests viewing of sharks, penguins and other aquatic animals.
  • A Hollywood Wax Museum was opened this year as well. It featured numerous famous personalities.
  • A new version of Rotor opened.
  • Shoot the Rapids opened and reached speeds up to 50 miles per hour.
  • Spin-a-Top ride opened.
  • New Kiddieland rides opened.
  • New animations for Western Cruise and Cedar Point & Lake Erie Rail Road were added. Another riverboat and an additional train were added.
  • More Cadillac cars were added.
  • A larger Dodgems attraction was added.
  • More logs were added to Mill Race.
  • San Fransisco Earthquake added a new animation.
  • Safari Island expanded.
  • Sky Ride switched from 2 seat buckets to 4 seat buckets.
  • The marina received thousands of dollars in improvements including an air conditioned Steak House, evening dancing and improved shower facilities.
  • The parking lot was widened and increased in size to accommodate 10,000 autos. More and brighter lights were added.


  • The Lusty Lil’s Golden Palace Theatre opened.
  • Town Hall Museum opened at the cost of $116,000.
  • The Frontier Lift opened at the height of 70 feet.
  • The Sky Slide opened.
  • Kiddieland Carousel (Kiddy Kingdom Carousel) opened.
  • Calypso was relocated to the area adjacent to Sealand.
  • An accident with the Cedar Gulch Stage Line that injured 13 passengers resulted in the closure of the ride.
  • Parking was expanded to accommodate 12,000 autos.
  • Parking was free this year.


  • Cedar Creek Mine Ride opened.
  • Antique Cars were opened as well.
  • Sealand expanded.
  • The Upside Down Fun House opened.
  • This was the final season for the Hollywood Wax Museum, Scamper, Hippodrome and the Go Carts.
  • Parking was free this year as well.


  • Cedar Point opened for the 101st season, with the park celebrating with 100th year medallions given to guests.
  • Centennial Theatre opened.
  • WildCat opened on the former site of Calypso and Twister.
  • Tiki Twirl opened on the former site of Scamper.
  • Bayern Kurve opened near Western Cruise.
  • Dodgem (Dodgem II) opened near Paddlewheel Cafe.
  • Schwabinchen opened near Western Cruise.
  • Himalaya (Super Himalaya) opened near the Marina Entrance.
  • Monster opened near Western Cruise.
  • Hofbrau Opened.
  • Million Dollar Midway, now home to Celebration Plaza opened.
  • Kiddieland was redesigned and enlarged.
  • Miniature Golf was relocated near Sky Slide.
  • Western Cruise (Paddlewheel Excursions) entrance was relocated near present day location of Iron Dragon.
  • Cedar Point and Lake Erie station relocated to present day location.
  • Calypso was relocated back adjacent to the Silver Dollar Cafe.
  • Twister relocated next to Plantation Inn.
  • Super Jets are relocated next to Blue Streak.


  • Frontier Trail opened with several frontier themed shops.
  • Twister was relocated behind Wildcat.
  • America Sings is featured at the Centennial Theater.


  • Giant Wheel opens at 15 stories high, carries over 200 people. It is North America’s Largest Ferris Wheel.
  • Jumbo Jet opened. It featured 70 degree banked turns at speeds up to 60 miles per hour.
  • Frontier Carousel (1940 Dentzel) opened.
  • Matterhorn opened on the former site of Zugspitze.
  • This was Twister’s final season.


  • Cedar Point opened for it’s 105th season.
  • Tramway opens in parking lot.
  • Bay Harbor Inn building is erected replacing an old Yacht Club building.
  • This was the final season for Himalaya.


  • Robert Munger, Jr. Becomes the president of Cedar Point.
  • The Cedar Point Cinema opens.
  • The Chartersphere Dome opened at Jungle Larry’s African Safari opened.


  • Jungle Larry’s African Safari is re-designed and rebuilt, a midway is added around the attraction.
  • Corkscrew opened as the first roller coaster to feature three inversions.
  • Troika opened next to Corkscrew.



  • The Corkscrew midway was extended.
  • Witch’s Wheel opened this year.
  • Dodgem I was relocated to the expanded Corkscrew Midway.
  • Bay Harbor Inn opened.
  • Eight people were injured by flying glass at the Marina Steak House when winds of 70 miles per hour moved across the park during a thunderstorm.
  • A tornado struck the northwest tip of the Cedar Point peninsula. It struck mainly in Frontiertown and Camper Village. 5 riders were damaged including Shoot-the-Rapids, Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad and the Cedar Creek Mine ride. The park opened the next day with 50 of the 55 rides operating. Trees that were scheduled for removal for Gemini, were uprooted during the storm. 15 people were injured.
  • The Directors of Cedar Point, Inc. approved a record of $5,200,000 capital improvements for the 1978 season. This includes a new midway, new rides and attractions.


  • Gemini opened as the tallest, fastest and steepest roller coaster in the world.
  • The Gemini Midway opened connecting the former Corkscrew Midway to Frontiertown. A crossing is added near stockade refreshments.
  • Himalaya reopens next to Matterhorn and is renamed Super Himalaya.
  • Cedar Point purchased Valleyfair! in Shakopee, MN.
  • Cedar Point hold the first CoasterMania.
  • The 1979 capital improvement plan was announced with the highlights of the Wave Swinger, Jr. Gemini and a newer version of the WildCat.
  • This was the final season for the Jumbo Jet.


  • Cedar Point opened for it’s 110th season.
  • Jr. Gemini, Wave Swinger and a new model of Wildcat (placed near Space Spiral) opened.


  • A 5 story high, 1,600-seat stadium named Ocean opened.
  • Super Himalaya was relocated near Gemini.
  • This was the final season for Sky Wheel.


  • Ocean Motion opened this year.
  • The Kiddieland Carousel was restored.
  • This was the final season for Shoot-the-Rapids and the Fun House.


  • White Water Landing opens as the longest hydro-flume ride ever built.


  • Demon Drop opened.
  • The Berenstain Bears were introduced to Cedar Point.
  • Cedar Fair, L.P. is formed with Robert Munger as the first CEO.


  • Cedar Point opened for the 115th season.
  • Cedar Point celebrates the 100th year of the roller coaster.
  • This was the final season for the Tiki Twirl, San Francisco Earthquake, Rotor and the Bayern Kurve.


  • Avalanche Run opened at the former location of Wildcat. It’s was touted as the Mid-West’s only summertime bobsled run.
  • Avalanche Eatery (Transport Refreshments) opened
  • Berenstain Bear Country opens in former Earthquake building.
  • Safari Canyon opened at Jungle Larry’s African Safari.
  • WildCat was relocated to the Million Dollar Midway to accommodate Avalanche Run.
  • Schwabinchen was relocated to the Million Dollar Midway to the former site of Rotor.
  • Matterhorn relocated from near Space Spiral to the former site of Tiki Twirl.
  • This was the final season for the Frontier Lift, Craft Building and Trading Post.


  • Dick Kinzel becomes the President and CEO of Cedar Fair, L.P. after Robert Munger stepped down due to illness.
  • Thunder Canyon opened.
  • Sir Rub-A-Dub’s Tubs opened in Kiddy Kingdom.
  • Dr. Gert Grizzly’s Office opened in a newly themed area in Berenstain Bear Country.
  • Final season for Star Voyager (Satellite Jets/Super Jets)


  • Cedar Fair, L.P. begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Iron Dragon opened.
  • Monster relocated from Million Dollar Midway to an area near Gemini to accommodate Iron Dragon.
  • Western Cruise relocated to Gemini Midway from Million Dollar Midway and renamed Paddlewheel Excursions to accommodate Iron Dragon.
  • Hotel Breakers is named a National Historic Landmark.
  • This was the final season for the bath house behind Kid Arthur’s Court.


  • An off-season fire at Hotel Breakers caused $80,000 in damage.
  • Soak City opened as $3.5 Million, 5 acre project. It consisted of 10 slides with heated water.
  • A new bath house was built near Soak City.
  • A Cedar Point carousel horse was featured on U.S. Postage stamps.


  • Cedar Point opened for the 120th season.
  • Magnum XL-200 opened as the world’s tallest, fastest and steepest roller coaster. It was also the first roller coaster to top 200 feet.
  • Avalanche Run at the end of the season was transformed into a new experience.


  • Disaster Transport opened after transforming from Avalanche Run. Disaster Transport turned the bobsled coaster into an indoor dark ride.
  • Avalanche Eatery was renamed Transport Refreshments.
  • Sandcastle Suites opened with 96 suites.
  • Soak City expanded to add more kid friendly attractions.
  • This was the final season for the Trabant and for Pyramid Gifts.


  • Mean Streak opens as the world’s tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster. It opened at 160 feet tall, goes 65 miles per hour and is over a mile long.
  • A train crossing was added near Lusty Lil’s Palace.
  • Breakwater Cafe opened.
  • Park Plaza opened on the former site of Pyramid Gifts.
  • This was the final season for the Sky Slide and Cedar Classic Miniature Golf.


  • An expanded Berenstain Bear Country opens on the site of the former Sky Slide and Cedar Classic Miniature Golf. It included a Tree House, Spooky Old Tree, water play area, dinosaur bone dig up and a hallow log crawl through.
  • Bear Country Railroad opened.
  • Challenge Park opened near Magnum XL-200. It featured a small number of attractions.
  • 4×4’s opened in Kiddieland.
  • Cedar Fair, L.P. announced the acquisition of Dorney Park in Allentown, PA.
  • Cedar Point announced the world’s highest and fastest water ride for 1993, Snake River Falls.
  • Cedar Point also announced that it would open a Hardees on the corner of the Causeway and Fifth Street in Sandusky.
  • Sandcastle Suites expanded with 91 additional suites.
  • Cedar Point changes soft drink providers from Coke to Pepsi.
  • Hotel Breakers is placed on the National Register of Historical Places.


  • Cedar Point announced that Kiddieland would expand and be renamed Kiddy Kingdom. The area added a new bumper boat ride and a medieval theme.
  • Snake River Falls opened as the world’s tallest, fastest and steepest water ride.
  • Sir Bumpalot’s Boats opened.
  • The Marina Steak house was renovated and renamed Boathouse
  • Kiddieland Carousel was renamed Kiddy Kingdom Carousel.
  • Monster was closed for the first portion of the season while the park awaited delivery of parts.
  • Raptor was announced.
  • This was the final season for the Mill Race and Taffy Box.


  • Cedar Point celebrates it’s 125th season.
  • Media Day was held for Raptor on May 6th and it opened to the public on the 7th. It opened as the world’s tallest and fastest inverted roller coaster.
  • Raptor Photos opened.
  • Midway Carousel was relocated to just inside the main gate to accommodate Raptor.
  • Calypso relocated next to Blue Streak to accommodate Raptor.
  • Turnpike Cars is reduced in size to accommodate Raptor.
  • Trim brakes were installed on Mean Streak’s first drop.
  • A portion of the Hotel Breakers is razed in preparation for a hotel expansion.
  • This was the final season for the Frontier Carousel and Jungle Larry’s African Safari.
  • Christmas in the Park was held for the first and only time.


  • Cedar Fair, L. P. purchased Worlds of Fun, Kansas City, MO.
  • The Cedar Point Summer Spectacular, a laser light and sound show debuts. The laser show is projected on a huge screen measuring 50 feet high by 72 feet wide.
  • Soak City expanded to double it’s size with the addition of a new slide, lazy river and kids area.
  • Cedar Point announced it’s plans for Banshee.
  • Cedar Point confirms a week later that the new stand-up roller coaster will not be called Banshee, due to the connotation of the word ‘banshee’ but will be named Mantis.
  • It was the final season for the Lunch Basket.
  • Cedar Point launches it’s website www.cedarpoint.com



  • Cedar Point announced that it purchased the Radisson Harbor Inn and T.G.I. Fridays.
  • Mantis opened to the public as the world’s tallest, fastest and steepest stand-up roller coaster.
  • RipCord opened in Challenge Park.
  • Virtual Reality opened in the former Lunch Basket building.
  • This was the final season for the Pirate Ride and the Chicken Patio.
  • Cedar Point announced that Soak City would expand again.


  • Hardee’s is renamed as Coasters Mid-Way Grill.
  • Quarterdeck Arcade opened.
  • New boats were installed on the Paddlewheel Excursions.
  • Midway Market opened.
  • Soak City’s newest expansion opened with a wave pool, slides, an adventure pool, a lazy river and a swim up refreshment center.
  • Trim brakes were added to Mantis’ first drop.
  • Swan Boats opened.
  • Plans were announced for Power Tower.
  • Chaos opened.
  • The first ever HalloWeekends was held.
  • This was the final season for Oceana and for Safari Gifts.
  • Cedar Point announced a 2-year, $16,000,000 expansion to the Hotel Breakers.
  • Cedar Fair, L.P. purchased Knott’s Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA.


  • Power Tower opens as the world’s tallest drop ride.
  • Frog Hopper opens.
  • Safari Gifts was renovated and renamed Power Station.
  • Sir Bumpalot’s Boats relocated from Kiddie Kingdom to the Gemini midway.
  • Cedar Point announced Camp Snoopy will be built for the 1999 season.
  • The new Hotel Breakers addition is named Breakers Tower.
  • This was the final season for Berenstain Bear Country, Oceana Aquarium, Paddlewheel Cafe, and Sealand.


  • Cedar Point opened for the 130th season.
  • Breakers Tower, a 10-story addition, opened with 230 rooms and suits including 17 Horizon Suites and 30 Peanuts themed Family rooms. The total number of rooms and suites at Breakers is no 650.
  • Cedar Point Grand Prix in Challenge Park was replaced by Triple Challenge Race Park.
  • Oceana Stadium was renamed Cedar Point Aquatic Stadium.
  • Coasters opens on the former site of Paddlewheel Cafe.
  • Snoopy Boutique opens in the former indoor section of Berenstain Bear Country.
  • Peanuts Playground opens on the former outdoor section of Berenstain Bear Country.
  • Bear Country Railroad renamed Peanuts Express.
  • TGI Friday’s opened on the Cedar Point Beach.
  • Camp Snoopy opened.
  • Charlie Brown’s Cookout opened.
  • Woodstock Express opened.
  • Camp Bus opened.
  • Snoopy Bounce opened.
  • Lolli Swings opened.
  • Balloon Race opened.
  • Tilt-a-Whirl opened.
  • Camp Snoopy Photo opened.
  • Peanuts 500 opened.
  • Red Baron opened.
  • Super Himalaya is relocated next to Power Tower to accommodate Camp Snoopy.
  • Stadium Games opened.
  • Sealand building is reopened as an arcade.
  • Two year renovation of Cedar Point Marina began.
  • Cedar Point announced the construction of Breakers Express.
  • Cedar Point announced Millennium Force, a 310-foot giga-coaster.
  • Cedar Fair, L.P. announced the purchase of White Water Canyon in San Diego, CA.
  • This was the final season for Kid Arthur’s Court as it was removed to make way for the new home of Giant Wheel.
  • This was also the final season for Edison Learning Company and the former bath house building.


  • Millennium Force opened as the world’s tallest, fastest, and steepest roller coaster. It was the first coaster in the world to exceed 300 feet in height.
  • Breakers Express opens to the public with a 350 room capacity.
  • Giant Wheel is relocated next to Disaster Transport to accommodate Millennium Force.
  • Gemini Gifts is renamed Joe Cool’s Corner Store.
  • The entrance to Mantis is relocated to the opposite side of the Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad.
  • A climbing wall opens next to Dodgem I.
  • This was the final season for Fascination.


  • Lighthouse Point opens, featuring 50 cottages, 10 cabins and 59 luxury RV campsites.
  • Johnny Rockets opens in the old Fascination location.
  • Cedar Fair, L.P. announced plans to purchase Michigan’s Adventure in Muskegon, MI.
  • VertiGo opens for it’s first and only season in Challenge Park.
  • A lift cable on Millennium Force snaps during morning testing, the ride was down for several days.
  • This was the final season for Dodgem I and Stadium Games.
  • Construction begins on Wicked Twister.
  • Stadium Games is razed.



  • A 200-foot section of one of VertiGo’s three towers collapses during the off-season.
  • Cedar Point announces that VertiGo will be removed.
  • Wicked Twister opened as the world’s tallest and fastest impulse roller coaster and is the world’s first double twist vertical coaster.
  • Caves are removed from White Water Landing.
  • Krispy Kreme doughnuts introduced.
  • Roller Coaster track for Top Thrill Dragster was spotted on Perimeter Road near Mean Streak.
  • This was the final season for Schwabinchen (sold to Strickers Grove but never rebuilt), Power Station, Hats n’ Such, Corkscrew Refreshments, and Quarterdeck Arcade.
  • Lusty Lil’s Golden Palace was renamed Palace Theater.


  • Cedar Point announced Top Thrill Dragster.
  • Nearly 100 years after the Detroit Dredging Company dug the lagoons out, part of them were refilled to accommodate Top Thrill Dragster.
  • Top Thrill Dragster opened.
  • Speed Zone opens, replacing Power Station and Speed Freaks opens replacing Hats n’ Such.
  • Grandstand Refreshments opened.
  • Dragster Photos opened.
  • Corkscrew lawn reduced to make room for Grandstand Refreshments and new midway.
  • Chaos relocated to Wicked Twister Midway on former site of Schwabinchen to accommodate Top Thrill Dragster.
  • Troika relocated to Wicked Twister Midway near Space Spiral to accommodate Top Thrill Dragster. The ride also received new paint.
  • WildCat received a new color scheme.
  • Cedar Point celebrates Gemini’s 25th anniversary.
  • Cedar Point announced a $10 million 2004 capital improvement plan which includes expansion of Lighthouse Point and the addition of Splash Zone at Soak City.
  • Cedar Point announced Castaway Bay.
  • This was the final season for Swan Boats, boat house, Silver Dollar Cafe, and Games of Skill.


  • Cedar Point opens for it’s 135th season.
  • Cedar Point announced Donut Time, Game Day Grille and Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que.
  • Splash Zone opens in Soak City. It included  a Giant Splash Bucket.
  • X-Treme Trampoline opens in Challenge Park.
  • Lighthouse Point luxury camping complex expansion opens.
  • Castaway Bay, indoor water park resort opens, after a $22 million investment. It includes a 38,000 sq. foot waterpark.
  • Cedar Point announced maXair.


  • maXair opened to the public.
  • Games were relocated to the opposite side of Johnny Rockets to the Main Midway to accommodate maXair.
  • This was the final season for White Water Landing and Fastpass.
  • Demon Drop was put up for sale.


  • Skyhawk opened this year.
  • To accommodate Skyhawk, Snake River Falls’ queue line was reworked. The lockers in that area were relocated next to the newly renovated bathrooms in the old Frontier Lift Station.
  • The outside of the Town Hall Museum gets a face lift.
  • Cedar Fair announced that is had acquired Kings Island, Kings Dominion, Carowinds, Great America, Gilroy Gardens in a management deal, and Canada’s Wonderland in a sale of the Paramount Park deal.



  • Maverick opens on the former site of White Water Landing. It was determined before opening day that a Heart Line roll was causing too much stress on the trains so that element was replaced with an S-Curve. After retesting Maverick ended up opening on May 26th.
  • The White Water Landing’s station was revamped to house the queue line and gift shop for Maverick.
  • A 3 Point Shoot Out and a shooting gallery was added to Frontier Town.
  • Frontier Inn is renovated and reopened as Chick-fil-a.
  • Dastardly Dan’s and Coyote Cody’s are renovated and reopened as Panda Express.
  • This was the final season for Peanuts Playground, Peanuts Express and X-Treme Trampoline.


  • Planet Snoopy opens on the former site of Peanuts Playground. It added seven rides that were originally located at Geauga Lake.
  • Sky Scraper (formerly at Valleyfair) opened in Challenge Park.
  • Macaroni’s is renovated and reopens as Joe Cool Cafe, a Peanuts themed restaurant for kids.
  • Inside Hotel Breakers, Dominics closed but reopened as Tomo Hibachi Japanese Sushi & Steak House.
  • Subway opened next to Cedar Downs.
  • Ben & Jerry’s was torn down and a new barn style/themed building was erected for Toft’s Ice Cream Parlor.
  • Retractable seat belts were added to Blue Streak, Mean Streak and Corkscrew.
  • Gemini celebrated it’s 30th anniversary while the Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad celebrated it’s 45th anniversary.
  • All Wheels Extreme opened in the former Aquatica Stadium and is still to this day the longest running show in the park.


  • Cedar Point celebrated it’s 140th season.
  • The Starlight Experience in Frontiertown was introduced as a brand new themed lighted walkway along the Frontier Trail.
  • This was the final season for Demon Drop as it was moved to Dorney Park before the 2010 season.


  • Cedar Point added a new flume ride named after a past attraction, Shoot The Rapids. Shoot The Rapids was placed along the Frontier Trail.
  • Due to unforeseen problems with the ride, Chaos is removed permanently. The backdrop of the ride is reused and the space is used for a 3-Point Challenge Game.


  • Ocean Motion was moved to the Main Midway near the front of the park in the former spot of Demon Drop.
  • WindSeeker, a 30-story-tall swing ride was unveiled at the park. It provided breathtaking views of Cedar Point, Lake Erie, and the Cedar Point Beach.
  • Cedar Point announces the removal of Paddlewheel Excursions with a replacement of Dinosaurs Alive!
  • Dick Kinzel announces his retirement effective at the beginning of 2012.


  • Matt Ouimet is appointed as the President and CEO of Cedar Fair, L.P. after Dick Kinzel’s retirement.
  • Cedar Point added Dinosaurs Alive!, a walk through exhibit with 50 life-size animatronic dinosaurs.
  • Soak City added a slide complex with a six-lane mat racer called Dragster H2O.
  • The slides around Dragster H2O were repainted while the Speed Slides were taken out to accommodate the new complex.
  • Cedar Point introduced Fast Lane, a version of a fast-pass system.
  • WildCat was removed prior to opening day as Cedar Point decided to remove it for expansion of the new Celebration Plaza. The removal of WildCat was the first time a roller coaster was removed from the park since 1978.
  • Celebration Plaza was announced in March of this year with the addition of Luminosity –Ignite the Night!, a new nighttime show.
  • Cedar Point announced in the middle of July that Disaster Transport and Space Spiral were to be removed this year.
  • In August, Cedar Point announced GateKeeper, the longest wing coaster in the world.
  • Cedar Point also announced that a new main entrance would be constructed, replacing the current entrance. This new entrance was to feature two support columns that GateKeeper would fly through.
  • Cedar Point also announced that it would invest $45 million – $60 million into it’s hotel resorts over the next three years.


  • GateKeeper was opened!
  • The new entrance plaza was opened.
  • Bumper Boats was retired
  • Space Age and Rock, Spin and Turn were moved to Kiddy Kingdom.


  • Pipe Scream opened
  • Lake Erie Eagles opened
  • SlingShot opened
  • The Frog Hopper was renamed Woodstock’s Airmail and was relocated to Camp Snoopy.
  • The Jr. Gemini entrance was moved to Camp Snoopy and renamed Wilderness Run.
  • Cedar Point introduced the All Season Dining Plan.


  • Mantis gets transformed into a floorless coaster, Rougarou!
  • The All Season Dining Plan now works at all Cedar Fair parks!
  • The TGI Friday’s near Castaway Bay will become a Quaker Steak & Lube restaurant in May 2015.
  • The Good Time Theatre is demolished for future expansion in the park.
  • Hotel Breakers will have both interior and exterior renovations for a grand re-opening in 2015.  The rotunda in the historic breakers will feature a full-service Starbucks and Surf Lounge Bar! There will also be two firepits outside facing Lake Erie.
  • The Coral Courtyard will get a complete makeover and become the Lakeside Pavilion.
  • Turnpike Cars has been removed for future park expansion.
  • Calypso moves to the Wicked Twister Midway and is renamed Tiki Twirl.
  • The Gazebo on the Wicked Twister Midway is demolished
  • Krazy Kars moved from its former location in Kiddy Kingdom to the former site of the Gazebo on the Wicket Twister Midway. It has been renamed, “Joe Cool’s Dodgem School.”
  • Sir Rub a Dub’s Tubs has been removed from the park.
  • Dodgem moved from it’s former location near Luminosity to the former site of Sir Rub a Dub’s Tubs.
  • Maverick will be getting brand new restraints that will be similar to the restraints on Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion.


  • Valravn was introduced as Cedar Point’s first dive coaster
  • A new midway was introduced that connects Blue Streak to near where the Marina entrance is located
  • The Marina entrance was redone
  • The All Season Unlimited Drinks Cup was introduced
  • Top Thrill Dragster and Raptor were repainted
  • Chick Fil-A was removed from the park
  • FunPix, which is a service offering unlimited pictures on roller coasters and throughout the park for one day or for the season, depending on what you purchase was introduced