Disaster Transport

Trivia Quiz

  1. How many rides are there at Cedar Point as of January 2015?
  2. What is Blue Streak’s top speed?
  3. How many inversions does Corkscrew have?
  4. What is the one ride in the park that you are permitted to use cameras on?
  5. How many inverts does Gatekeeper have?
  6. How high does Giant Wheel take it’s riders?
  7. How many passenger cabins does Giant Wheel have?
  8. What is Gemini’s top speed?
  9. GateKeeper is the fastest wing coaster in the world reaching speeds of how many miles per hour?
  10. How tall is GateKeeper at its highest point?
  11. Cedar Point has the first hyper, giga, and strata coaster.  Can you name all three?
  12. How many inversions does Raptor have?
  13. Can you name all the Intamin rides currently at the park?
  14. Can you name all the B&M coasters currently at the park?
  15. Can you name all the Arrow Dynamics rides currently at the park?
  16. SlingShot is the second highest height that a rider can be on a ride in the park. How many feet in the air is this?
  17. This ride closes during the last full operating week in August and turns into a haunt for HalloWeekends.  What is the ride and what is the haunt called?
  18. How many degrees does a train on Top Thrill Dragster spiral down when it free falls to the finish line?
  19. Windseeker reaches a top speed of how many miles per hour?
  20. Which roller coasters do not have storage bins?
  21. If requested at least one week in advance, Cedar Point will provide American Sign Language Interpretation at most of its shows. True or False?
  22. Guests with prosthetic legs are forbidden to ride which four rides?
  23. Cadillac Cars is a replica of what year’s model of Cadillac?
  24. How fast does Cedar Downs Racing Derby go?
  25. Where is Giant Wheel’s original location?
  26. What is the top speed of Iron Dragon?
  27. Why is Gemini called Gemini?
  28. What do Cedar Point and the Berenstein Bears have in common?
  29. What was the original name for Mantis?
  30. What is the tallest height you reach on Maverick when riding?
  31. What is the official top speed of Mean Streak?
  32. What is Cedar Creek Mine Ride’s Top Speed?
  33. How many passengers can ride Pipe Scream at one time?
  34. S&S, the manufacturer of Skyhawk prohibits persons with a fear of heights from riding Skyhawk. True or False?
  35. What is the maximum number of people per raft on Thunder Canyon?
  36. To ride Dragster H2O at Soak City, you must climb how many steps?
  37. To stand in the Bubbles Pool at Soak City, you must be at least what age?
  38. What are the three train colors on Millennium Force?
  39. Which ride was completely dismantled to make way for Raptor that debuted in 1994?
  40. Power Tower is on the original site of what former attraction?
  41. Which rollercoaster at Cedar Point is Intamin’s first ever rollercoaster?
  42. What year did Cedar Point open?
  43. Which roller coaster at Cedar Point is the world’s tallest and fastest inverted coaster?
  44. How many acres of land does the Cedar Point peninsula have?
  45. Mean Streak is the third longest wooden roller coaster in the world.  True or False?
  46. How many consecutive years did Cedar Point won the Golden Ticket Awards for Best Amusement Park as of August 2014?
  47. How many total inversions are on roller coasters in the park?
  48. How long is the total amount of track on Maverick?
  49. When was the Cedar Point Causeway opened?
  50. How tall is Windseeker?
  51. What was the name of Cedar Point’s very first rollercoaster?
  52. How did Blue Streak get its name since it was not originally blue?
  53. When was the Cedar Point Causeway opened?
  54. Which popular coaster originally had a heartline roll and was replaced with a different piece of track?
  55. Pepsi was featured at Cedar Point until what year?
  56. How tall is Power Tower and how high does it take its passengers?
  57. More than 100 tons of nuts and 568 tons of steel were used to build which coaster?
  58. What did the “12 E” on Disaster Transport’s building stand for?
  59. What is the speed limit on Perimeter Road on the peninsula?
  60. How many entrances are there to the public to get into the main park?