Memory Mondays With the PegKeeper

My best time that I had was hitting two milestones on GateKeeper.

The first on 5/18/2014 when I reached my 1000th ride and the second is when I reached my 2000th ride on 10/18/2014 on GateKeeper.

2014 has been an awesome year at Cedar Point of beating my 2013 record by 414 rides.


This is how it went; 2013 total; 880, 2014 total 1294 bringing my grand total to 2194 rides on Gatekeeper. GateKeeper quickly became my ultimate favorite coaster after doing some test runs during Media Day on 5/9/2013 and  watching the construction phase in the winter of 2012 and 2013 on Cedar Point’s webcam. When the Gatekeeper first opened for riders back in 2013 that is when I started doing marathon rides on the Gatekeeper so I have been doing my marathon rides on Gatekeeper since that time.