Memory Mondays With Jenny Fiedler

Hi everyone! This is Jenny from CPfansite. I love Cedar Point and actually went there a total of 25 times during the 2014 season. I have so many wonderful memories from all of those visits to the park, but one memory in particular stands out to me…meeting my best friend, Brad.

My brother, Matt, and I went to the park on August 22nd. Millennium Force ERT was scheduled for that night for season passholders. We arrived to the park in the afternoon and realized that the park was not busy at all. That made us both really happy because the best roller coasters, such as Millennium, Gatekeeper, Dragster, and Maverick had very short lines and were almost walk on. We met up with our friends Skip and Quinn and rode all of the coasters multiple times before ERT started at 10pm.


Earlier that day, Brad Kilgore (Coaster B-Rad) had posted a picture of Millennium Force on his Facebook and asked who was going to ERT that night. Brad and I became friends on Facebook back in May and that was the extent of our friendship. However, I decided to comment on his photo to let him know that I was going to Millennium ERT. He replied to my comment and suggested that we ride Millennium together at least once and take a selfie. Some of you may not know this, but I love taking selfies. A lot of my friends call me the Selfie Queen because I take so many. Anyway, Brad and I kind of planned to meet up at ERT.

Around 9:45pm, Matt, Skip, Quinn, and I headed over to Millennium Force to get in line for ERT. Once the regular line emptied out, the employees at the entrance let us walk into the queue and up to the station. Matt and I rode Millennium a couple times together and then I decided that I should send Brad a message on Facebook to see if he wanted to meet up. I asked him where he was and we eventually met at the entrance to the ride. Little did we know that this was the beginning of a great friendship.

jenny3 jenny2

Brad and I talked about coasters and other stuff while waiting in line. Then we rode Millennium once together and took a selfie just like he wanted to. After that, I went back to riding with Matt and I do not think I talked to Brad the rest of the night. However, I ran into Brad at the coaster club event called Fall Freakout and we later exchanged cell phone numbers. Not long after that, we started texting each other at least once a day and we learned that we had a lot in common. This included our top roller coasters, which are Millennium Force, Dominator, and Voyage. We then started calling ourselves #CoasterTwins because we were so much alike. As our friendship grew, we started hanging out at Cedar Point together and had a blast every time. One day, we were texting and finally decided that we were #BestFriends. I will never forget that day. Since then, we have had so many adventures not only at Cedar Point, but other places too. We always have fun when we hang out no matter what we are doing.

jenny5 jenny4

Having Brad as a #BestFriend has definitely changed my life for the better. He has so much in common with me, never judges me, will take tons of selfies with me, and most importantly, is always there for me. I could not have asked for a better friend!jenny7 jenny6

Thank you for taking the time to read about my favorite memory at the park in 2014! I encourage all of you to do the same by writing about your favorite memory and submitting it to us at CPfansite.