Memory Monday With Scott Karnes

A lot of people don’t know the quiet side of Cedar Point. Whenever I go to the park, I always wander around Hotel Breakers. Why do I do this you ask? It’s relaxing to sit, look, and walk around a older hotel with a lot of history. Most of the guests don’t get the chance to do that when they are at the park. Plus, it gets me away from the park for a few hours.

Before Hotel Breakers was remodeled, the food they offered was a Perkins, TGI Fridays, a 50’s themed ice cream shop and a Japanese steak house. They also had pools- both indoor and outdoor. Hotel Breakers has pictures and such of what Cedar Point was like back in the early days as well as pictures of a view of Lake Erie among other things.

Walking down that long hallway to the main lobby gets you in the mood for the sweet view of what the hotel was like long ago.