Memory Monday With Sam Natcher

Closing Day 2014

Hello, my name is Sam and I am a coaster addict! I have always enjoyed coasters for as long as I can remember but 2014 took it to a whole new level. My family and I finally invested in platinum season passes and even joined a coaster club. Thanks to that, what an awesome summer it turned out to be. We experienced a lot of new rides and parks but none compare to Cedar Point.

One of my favorite memories from the past season was closing day, November 2nd. I made sure to attend that day, as it would be my last rides on some of my favorite coasters. I knew it would be a bittersweet day as I would be sad the park would be closed for the next six months but it was Guest Appreciation Day. I knew it would be a special day since the Cedar Point staff always goes out of their way to treat their fans on these occasions.

We brought along my nephew, Dawson (8 years old) and my niece, Bailey (4 years old) for their first ever trip to the Point. They had been to Kings Island, Cedar Point’s sister park in Cincinnati a few times but never to the Point. Dawson was finally tall enough to ride all the big coasters with the exception of Raptor, so we were excited for that.

My daughter, Abby and I started the day off with the last Millennium Walkback of the season. It was a little chilly, but that was not going to stop us from riding our favorite roller coaster in the world! There was a small delay as the ride crew was finishing the testing for the day but that gave us some time to chat with some fellow enthusiasts. As we were finally let in the queue line, walking by Tony Clark singing “Closing Day” was the icing on the cake.

Millennium Walkback 11-2-2014

Photo Credit: Tony Clark

After getting a few rides in on Millennium, we met up with the rest of our group for a few rides on Iron Dragon. Then we made our way to the front of the park to get some rides in on Gatekeeper and Blue Streak. First we had to get our ride on Skyride, then we stopped for some $1 slices of pizza on our way, a great perk of Guest Appreciation Day. Among other perks offered were $1 hot dogs, pretzels, and burgers.


We then decided to split up so I took Dawson to ride as many coasters as we could. My wife and daughter took my niece to go enjoy some of the kiddie rides and my son Sammy went off with his friend. By Early afternoon, thanks to shorter than normal lines, I had got Dawson on almost all of the coasters. He was a trooper on Dragster, he loved it!

We all met up again that afternoon at the Gemini Midway. After some quick rides on Monster, Pipe Scream, and Lake Erie Eagles, we made our way to Camp Snoopy to spend some time with Bailey enjoying the kids rides. She quickly fell in love with the Tilt-a-Whirl. We even got her on her first coaster at Cedar Point, Wilderness Run!



About that time, we received an update on Twitter from Tony Clark, the parks PR director, that he would be doing a tweetup from the middle of the park soon. We decided to head that way so we would be in the vicinity when he made the announcement. As luck would have it we had just made our way to Coasters Drive In when he announced he was at Super Himalaya. We quickly turned around, and found the line for the Tweet Up, the longest I had seen all year. Tony and crew were well prepared with plenty of goodies to go around!


Photo Credit: Tony Clark

We spent the rest of the evening getting our last rides of the year in while we had the chance. While we were all sad the park would be closed for the winter, we all had a great day! Cedar Point again went out of their way to make sure to show their guests that they are truly appreciated. We also created new amusement park junkies, as every time I see Bailey she always asks me “Are you sure Cedar Point is closed?” May cannot come soon enough!