Memory Monday With Melanie Varga

When I reflect on my time spent at Cedar Point during the 2014 season, my favorite memories are those that focus on the vibe of the park and how being there seems to bring out the best in people.
In most instances, a spontaneous thunderstorm at an amusement park would mean wasted time. At Cedar Point, it means sharing space huddled under an umbrella chatting with a family of strangers, or under the ramps of the Extreme Sports Stadium watching overeager teenagers sprint through the downpour.
The mood magicians at Cedar Point also contribute much to the desire to want to spend so much time there. The lights and music on both the Gemini and Main Midways are dreamy. The shows are top quality, and Cedar Point keeps surprising us with special events. Going to the first Beach Blast evening last summer was like walking onto a movie set. There was a live band, a food truck, bonfires, tiki torches, and a pyrotechnic display set to music. I loved sitting on the sand with my family, watching fireworks explode over the lake with Rihanna’s “Diamonds” playing in the background.
My favorite memory of the summer happened on Saturday, August 9th. Although that evening was the third time I’d be seeing Luminosity, some of my family hadn’t seen the show yet so we arrived early and snagged a table on the patio outside of the Good Time Theatre. Everyone in our group loved the singing, dancing, aerial acrobatics, special effects, and relevant popular music. The show drew to a close and once the performers left the stage, dance music began playing. This was surprising because the other Luminosity shows I had seen were on weeknights and the park would close at the show’s conclusion. That night’s operating hours were extended to midnight, so there was no rush to leave. The crowd in front of the stage was delighted by the music and began dancing, throwing their inhibitions to the wind. The joyful mood was contagious…even my four-year-old son jumped onto a chair and danced. It was very cool to be in the presence of this group of carefree revelers. We stayed for the after party for over 20 minutes and rounded off the night with a meal at Pink’s.
Luminosity sign
Nights like this are one of the many reasons that I’m so grateful to be a platinum passholder. I’m counting the days to May 9th and can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2015.