Memory Monday With Kyle Huth

Hey Everyone! It’s Kyle. Cedar Point is my favorite park in America and this year I went more than any other year, which leads to some amazing memories. One in particular that stands out is the week of July 4th. Each year, my family and group of close friends parks a camper in Camper Village and we spend a week at the Point. My favorite coaster is Magnum XL-200 and with its close proximity to the Challenge Park gate, I rode it a lot that week. That was also the first time that I got to experience SlingShot! Watch my video here, I’m on the left.

On the night of July 4th, I was able to time it just right and be on Windseeker while the fireworks were going on. It is a challenging thing to do but is very beautiful and fun. After that, me and my friend Brendan took off running to the back of the park to Maverick and Mean Streak. We rode Maverick twice and Mean Streak eight times in the front without having to move seats. The next day, Brendan and I rode every coaster in the park in one day. It was so fun to be able to experience them all at once. All in all, that was an amazing week.

I also have one more memory that sticks out and that is the Coaster Campout. That night was very fun. The meal was delicious and I spent a good hour in the arcade playing my favorite games. All that and ERT on Maverick, along with all of the other coasters was a great time.
The next morning was ERT on Millennium Force. It also rained that morning and not many  people showed up . With the hour of ERT we had I rode Millennium twenty times, with the rain hitting me each time! It was a blast!

Although not at Cedar Point, this was still a fun time. The morning of July 7th was a very fun day at Kings Island. It was the day of the Coaster Crew’s Big Bang Banshee Bash event. a great day filled with friends, good food, tours, and ERT at Kings island. I’m putting this in here because this was the day I met Brad Kilgore for the first time and we immediately bonded talking for about twenty minutes. It was a relationship that lasted the whole summer at different parks in the U.S with Cedar Point, Kings Island, and Kings Dominion coming to mind.

Thanks for reading,