Memory Monday With Joshua Bragg

New Beginnings

This isn’t a story of anything in particular about Cedar Point but more about Cedar Point as a whole and what it has done for me aka the shortened version.

I was raised in Lorain, Ohio, which isn’t that far from Sandusky or should I say the greatest amusement park on earth, Cedar Point. So my mom would always make sure that my older brother and I could go every year. This would become the start of my coaster addiction. When I turned 10 years old she bought us our first season passes. So you could say that we had a great childhood.

I moved out of state when I was 16 years old and moved in with my dad, yes my parents got a divorce when I was just one year old. Anyways, I met my wife and had three wonderful kids, two of which have grown up and flew the coop as they would say. My oldest being my only son is now a Marine, my middle child goes too college in North Carolina, and my youngest, my baby as I call her (she is almost 16), is a daddy’s girl.

My wife and I decided to move in 2012 and get a fresh start and what better place than Ohio or should I say where Cedar Point is and yes it was part of what helped me to decide where to go. So we relocated to Ashland Ohio.

My family had always heard the stories about my adventures at Cedar Point, so first thing I wanted to do was to take them to Cedar Point. When my now married son could get some leave from the Marines, we all decided that we would go to Cedar Point. Now I had five first timers at the Point which was one of the greatest days of my life. Seeing the excitement on my families faces and the joy in their eyes with all the laughing and screaming (thank you Top Thrill Dragster).

We now make Cedar Point where we have our family reunion every year and have got together as a family on three different occasions to go. My youngest daughter and I have bought season passes every year since we moved back to Ohio, almost three years now and counting. She made sure we went seven times minimum, every year to “get our money’s worth (her words).”  So I say THANK YOU to Cedar Point for filling my childhood with great memories and now a brand new generation of my family that are getting their very own memories that will last a lifetime.

Thanks for your time,