Memory Monday With Jarred Bour-Jones

Hey Coaster Fans!  This is Jarred from CPfansite. I am a huge Cedar Point fan!  Now as many of you know Cedar Point had a water main break back in June, the day after CoasterMania.  I was there, being one of the few to be on the peninsula the entire time before total evacuation.  Now many people know the water main broke, the park closed for the weekend, and people were evacuated; but you never hear about what was going on during that very sudden event.  I will be telling you my experience!

My friend and I left school on the Friday of CoasterMania. We unfortunately missed most of the events because of our exams.  When we arrived at the park we met up with my friend’s mom (My “Coaster Mom”),  who had rented a cottage for the night so that we could attend the late night exclusive ride times.  The next day we got up and discovered our cottage’s water was not working and that Soak City was closed for the day.  After coming to the conclusion that it was nothing we were doing, I called the lobby to be told “Not to worry, the whole park is out of water.”  Now, that was something very unusual to hear, so we walked outside of our cottage that was very close to Mean Streak to see some rides running.  Very shortly after, we could hear a voice come over the park’s main intercom that we could not hear very well.

We walked out to the dock near our cottage to see no people in the park and the rides no longer operating.  We were making our way to get into the park when we were told it was closed for the day.  We packed up and decided to leave the park.  We entered the exit line and my car was lined up all the way back to Maverick. After about ten minutes, we decided to turn around.  We returned to the empty Soak City parking lot and met up with another coaster fan who had the great idea of going to the beach.



Well, soon enough we found out that was closed too, so that took us to the Magnum Trail.  We spent about fifteen minutes on the trail and then decided we would see if there was anything to see in Hotel Breakers.  As soon as the doors opened, my look on Cedar Point employees was changed.  In this time of possible panic, the employees were working together to make things better.  Laundry baskets were being filled with pool water to help flush the toilets.

We made our way to the elevator where we met a worker from Hotel Breakers that was nice enough to give us a tour of a Presidential Suite that had great views of the beach and park, while giving us cold bottles of water to enjoy.  After the hotel tour, the beach had opened back up but that was ended quickly as a lifeguard came over a blow horn saying “We are evacuating the whole island of Cedar Point.”  We went back to the almost completely empty parking lot where we knew we could not leave yet because of the traffic.  Some time passed by and I noticed a police officer pulling in and talking to the people bringing in trailer loads of portable toilets.  I asked him the status of the causeway and he said I could get out in no time.  From there we packed up and headed home watching many vehicles coming in to help and seeing the actual water main break.


Now, this was not at all Cedar Point’s fault.  I thought it was a great day because I got to see how situations like this were handled.  The staff could not have done a better job and I would like to compliment them on that.  It was truly a great day that I will always remember.I would like to ask everyone reading this to explain to others how this was not Cedar Point’s fault and everything they did was the best they could do.

Thanks for taking the time to read one of my favorite memories at the park in 2014.  I encourage you to write your favorite memory at the park and submit it to us!