Mean Streak Henry

On September 14, 2014, Henry Sievers, a man hundreds of coaster enthusiasts and employees all over the park know as “Mean Streak Henry,” hit a magnificent milestone.  Henry has accomplished 13,000 rides on Mean Streak since its debut in 1991!  This is a huge feat for anybody to take on any ride, especially on Mean Streak!

Henry’s love for rollercoasters began long before the Mean Streak however, when he was just 12 years old growing up in New York. He rode his first ride which he says was a small wooded rollercoaster, not much bigger than Wilderness Run (formerly known as the Jr. Gemini).

In 1985, Henry was visiting the now defunct park, Geauga Lake and was told he should give the park Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio a try and the rest is history.  Henry has been hooked on the charm of Cedar Point ever since.

On May 11 1991, Cedar Point introduced a wooden roller coaster with the world’s tallest lift hill and longest drop- Mean Streak. Henry has been riding on average of 30 times a day during the operating season ever since!

To celebrate Henry’s 13,000 ride, CPfansite along with Anne Kelley, one of our fans, coordinated a celebration for Henry with the Mean Streak Crew!  Over 30 of Henry’s friends joined in the fun riding his 13,000th and 13,001 rides with him since only 28 fit on a train.  There were interviews, videos, and pictures being taken by multiple people and fansites.  The event was bigger than we ever expected!  After Henry’s 13,000th ride, he was presented with a poster congratulating him on 13,000 rides with pictures of his fans on it and a signature of everybody that got to ride and signatures of the Mean Streak Crew!

Henry is not arrogant in any way and is a great guy to hang around with at the park.  If you ever have the chance to ride with Henry, do not pass it up!







(A special thanks to Christopher Glodde, also known as Single Rider 2 for the most epic picture of Mean Streak Henry’s 13,000 ride!)