Snake River Falls

Snake River Falls, a Shoot-the-Chute style ride, features a BIG boat! Oh and a really big hill! Riders in the big boat will be lifted up a 82 foot tall mountain of water, then the boat will turn around and seconds later riders will drop. They will drop over an 80 foot tall, 50 degree drop. The splash from this fall will be BIG! It will sure soak the riders and any spectators who decide to stay and watch on the bridge.

When Snake River Falls opened, it opened as the tallest and fastest water ride in the world.


About Christopher

Christopher is the Founder of CPfansite. He is on the Coaster Crew staff. He is a very classy person. You can see him on the Rivertown or Coney Mall midways at Kings Island or riding Maverick and GateKeeper at Cedar Point!
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