Do you remember swinging on a swing set and thinking “if only I could go higher?” Well now you can! Cedar Point now features the world’s tallest swing ride at 125 feet tall.

Skyhawk is classified as a Screamin’ Swing. The structure itself is 103 feet tall at the highest point. Skyhawk consists of two swinging arms, both 84 feet tall and seats 20 across, 20 back to back for a total of 40 riders total. At the full swing, the ends of the arms approach 125 feet high off the ground, as high as a twelve store building. At the peak, Skyhawk reaches a maximum velocity of 65 miles per hour which is faster than most wooden coasters. Skyhawk lasts about one minute and accommodates 800 passengers per hour. Riders are restrained by a simple lap bar.


About Christopher

Christopher is the Founder of CPfansite. He is on the Coaster Crew staff. He is a very classy person. You can see him on the Rivertown or Coney Mall midways at Kings Island or riding Maverick and GateKeeper at Cedar Point!
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