Top Thrill Dragster

Top Thrill Dragster was the world’s first strata coaster (roller coaster above 400 feet tall) when it opened in 2003. Riders reach speeds of 120 miles per hour as they are launched straight up a 420-foot-tall tower and then are plummeted back down at speeds of 120 miles per hour for the 2nd time, just a few moments later.

Top Thrill Dragster World Records:

  1. Tallest roller coaster at 420 feet
  2. Fastest roller coaster at 120 miles per
  3. Longest drop on a  roller coaster at 400 feet
  4. World’s tallest complete circuit coaster

Top Thrill Dragster has been constantly ranked in the Golden Ticket Awards Top Steel Coasters.

Official Cedar Point POV of Top Thrill Dragster:


Official Cedar Point Reverse POV of Top Thrill Dragster:


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About Brad

Brad is the General Manager of CPfansite and a proud member of our parent company Coaster Crew. He enjoys sharing his love of Cedar Point with everybody. Brad hopes to see you 300 feet in the air on Millennium Force!

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