You and one other person sit on on arm of the propeller of Skyscraper, while two other riders sit on the other arm. Then all four riders start spinning, fast. All of the sudden you’re up 16 stories in the air, legs dangling, reaching speeds of 55 miles per hour, then all the sudden you’re back down at the bottom. This process repeats several times. By the way, riders are upside down for a lot of this.

Many people enjoy just watching Skyscraper, because it’s so different from a lot of other rides. Non-riders can watch a live streaming video of passengers as they experience Skyscraper.

Skyscraper has an individual ride fee of $10/person and is not included with Cedar Point admission.

About Christopher

Christopher is the Founder of CPfansite. He is on the Coaster Crew staff. He is a very classy person. You can see him on the Rivertown or Coney Mall midways at Kings Island or riding Maverick and GateKeeper at Cedar Point!
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