Lots of New Announcements at Winter Chill Out 2017!

Check out the new announcements for the 2017 season that were announced at Winter Chill Out!

-Valravn hosted 1,599,105 riders in its inaugural season.

-Iron Dragon Virtual Reality is back with limited daily spots available. VR will be in operation from June 9 to September 4 starting at 6:00 pm each night that the park is open until 10:00 pm.

– Lights, Camera, Action! will be playing in the Jack Aldrich Theatre. It will feature songs from old and new movies alike!

– Luminosity will return with lots of new surprises along with Blue Grass Jam, Toes in the Sand Beach Band, Totally Live, and This Country Rocks!

– Melt Bar & Grilled will be taking over the Joe Cool Cafe with a new sandwich exclusively made for Cedar Point.

– Mean Streak’s future will be announced when it makes sense for the business.

– May 6-7, Top Thrill Dragster will be name changed to Top Thrill Cubster as part of the World Series competition with Six Flags Great America. The trains and signage will all be different so take lots of pictures.

– There will not be a season passholder preview night this year for Cedar Point since there will be one May 26 for the opening of Cedar Point Shores.

– Ride Warriors Club memberships will go on sale March 6 for $99 and will be an add on for your season or Platinum Pass.

– The Battle of CP app will return with new features.

– There will be a new season pass drink program, but without the cup. Starting March 1, the new program will be available for purchase and will be added directly to your season pass. You will swipe your pass at any food or beverage stand to get a cup with a beverage. There will be a 15 minute wait time between drinks. Price is $26.99. The All Season cup will be available as well but you must purchase one or the other. They are not interchangeable. 

-Coaster Campout tickets go on sale within the next two weeks. See our complete list of Cedar Point events for additional details.

-March 9, CoasterMania! tickets will go on sale. Morning ERT includes Valravn, Raptor, GateKeeper, Rougarou, Millennium Force, Blue Streak, and Wicked Twister. Evening ERT includes Top Thrill Dragster, Maverick, Magnum, Wilderness Run, Pipe Scream, and Lake Erie Eagles. The Cedar Point Cruise and Question & Answer session will return, as well as the photo contest. Guests will receive a commemorative pin. The cost of CoasterMania! is $35.

-Annie’s Pretzels and Cinnabon will replace CJ’s Provisions.

-The Barnyard will be getting expanded with more animals including yaks.

-There will be pony rides available for an upcharge near the Blacksmith building on the Frontier Trail.

-Cedar Point Express hotel (formerly Breakers Express) will be ready opening day.

-The new Hotel Breakers tower should be finished by May of 2018.

-The new Cedar Point website works the same across all devices and the other Cedar Fair parks should  be getting updated within the next few weeks.

-Professor Delbert’s Frontier Fling (formerly RipCord) should be flinging riders on the Frontier Trail opening day.

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Brad is the General Manager of CPfansite and a proud member of our parent company Coaster Crew. He enjoys sharing his love of Cedar Point with everybody. Brad hopes to see you 300 feet in the air on Millennium Force!

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