New 2016 Announcements from Winter Chill Out 2016!

800 people attended Cedar Point’s annual Winter Chill Out this year, making it the largest winter event the park has ever had! Cedar Point donates all the money that it raises for this event to A Kid AgainThis organization gives kids with life threatening illnesses a chance to feel like a kid again but giving them opportunities for fun throughout the entire year!

See below for all the announcements from Winter Chill Out including a few you may not have heard about that were answered during question and answer sessions with Tony and Jason!


  • The main attraction for everybody to see was in fact, Cedar Point’s 18th roller coaster, Valravn! Progress is going rather quickly thanks to the mild winter Sandusky, Ohio has enjoyed! The track should be complete in just a couple short weeks!
  • Raptor has a new fresh coat of paint to compliment Valravn! It looks amazing.
  • Work is coming along nicely on getting Top Thrill Dragster repainted and it may even be completed this year.
  • Shoot the Rapids, Cedar Point’s log flume ride will be completely removed for the 2016 season. Cedar Point says guests vote with their feet on the type of attractions they enjoy riding and Shoot the Rapids did not get the expected number of rides it needed to stay. We were guaranteed that the large land space this will have once occupied, will be used for something much better in the future!
  • Coaster Campout will be back this year in May or early June. This is your opportunity to camp overnight, in your own tent, at the park after closing!
  • CoasterMania! is still slated for June 3! All the details that have been announced for this year’s event can be found HERE!
  • The current cars used for Dodgems are starting to show their age so there will be all new cars made by the Italian manufacturer, Ninja for 2016.
  • Challenge Park looks to be going away as it was announced that Skyscraper will be completely removed and scraped.
  • Challenge Racing will be completely removed from Challenge Park.
  • There was a hint as to something being done with RipCord but it wasn’t discussed. Many are guessing it will either be removed or relocated to another location within the park. Most are guessing that there will be a Soak City expansion for 2017 but nothing has been announced.
  • Chick Fil-A and Cedar Point are not renewing their contract for 2016. Frontier Inn, a restaurant that used to occupy the current Chick Fil-A building will be returning to the park with a delicious menu of quality food that is also rumored to be on the All Season Dining Plan. Our friends at CPFoodBlog have a sampling of what will be on the Frontier Inn Menu.
  • FunPix, which has already been announced earlier this year was discussed again. All the information you need to know can be found HERE.
  • Hurricane Hannah’s is going away and will be replaced with Coca Cola Oasis which will have multiple Coke Freestyle machines.  Valravn souvenir cups will be available here with the choice of buying one that will get you unlimited free refills that will last all year or unlimited refills your first day of purchase and then 99 cent refills the rest of the 2016 season.
  • Fresh Cut Fries will be getting overhauled and will feature a brand new 3D giant sign of french fries.
  • The gift shop known as Attitudes will cease to exist and will become another location to get Coke Freestyle. This will also be next to a newly designed Fresh Cut Fries.
  • A new VIP tour known as Sunrise Thrills will be available to purchase and experience in 2016. The price is still to be determined but will feature behind the scenes tours of Valravn such as learning how operations does everything from when they arrive, to how they test the ride, and how everything is done to operate the ride. You will also be given the opportunity to go up the stairs to the top of the lift hill and take pictures.
  • Live entertainment at the park will be overhauled again this year as well as some favorites returning. Luminosity will be bigger than ever featuring more stunts and people in the show coming from all directions such as above and to the side of the audience. Lusty Lil’s will be returning but will not have the barbershop quartet, cowboys will be featured in the show instead. All Wheel’s Extreme is still Cedar Point’s most popular live show and it will feature an all new set this year. There will also be more Midway performances including the return of The Bluegrass and Toes In the Sand Bands.
  • A new club called the Cedar Point Ride Warriors Club will be introduced in 2016. It will be $120, open to only the first 1000 people that sign up to join, and will have no age restriction. This will be a fee that will be an addition to whatever admission you use to get into the park and will only be recognized at Cedar Point. Benefits include: being a recognized person to sign up for CoasterMania!, unique photo opportunities, one time Fast Lane access, coffee and coasters ERT, videos of yourself riding roller coasters, more off season events available other than Winter Chill Out, and more! More details will surface in the coming weeks!
  • As previously announced, the Cedar Point app on both Android and iOS will be updated to include lots of new features for 2016 including ride wait times!
  • Skyhawk will have a brand new paint job and will be completely refurbished for 2016.

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